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Which Glove is Best for You? - VizoCare

Which Glove is Best for You?

Latex vs Vinyl vs Nitrile

Now more than ever, there is a growing interest in the use of items such as gloves, masks, and sanitizers, as the country continues to battle the Coronavirus pandemic. The purchase of gloves has expanded outside of the medical field, now being utilized by the public. However, there are a few different materials that make up protective gloves as well as a lot of information regarding which is the best option for which use. Different industries utilize different kind of gloves made out of different materials. Listed below are the three main type of gloves used, along with descriptions of their usage and the main differences.

Disposable Medical Gloves


Latex Gloves

 Latex gloves are the most popular disposable glove used professionally and recreationally. They are made out of rubber, a natural material. Latex gloves are used mainly in the industrial and medical fields. However, Latex causes allergy which is very common. Many individuals suffer from a wide range of reactions from mild to very severe. This is the reason Latex gloves are rarely used in health care establishments. However, latex does provide more comfort and mobility for the wearer.

 The advantage of latex glove are:

  • they provide a tight fit like a second skin,
  • they are easy to wear for extended periods of time,
  • they are cost-effective, biodegradable,
  • they are sensitive to touch,
  • they work well for situations where one would be dealing with infectious items,
  • and they are lightly powdered which makes them easier to put on and take off.


Vinyl Gloves

 Vinyl gloves are most notably used in the food industry. These gloves are a great option if durability and protection of the wearer are less of a priority. Although a less durable glove option, they are balanced by being less expensive overall. Vinyl gloves are strictly utilized in a non-medical fashion due to their more relaxed make up and fit.

 The advantage of utilizing Vinyl Gloves include:

  • they are free of latex,
  • they are the most economic choice,
  • they are lightly powdered making them easy to put on,
  • they contain anti-static properties,
  • they are great for short term low stakes tasks,
  • they have a looser fit, and they are best used when handling non-hazardous or infectious items. The most important question you should ask yourself before choosing Vinyl Gloves is, “how much protection do I need when performing said task?”


Nitrile Gloves

Nitrile Gloves are the sister glove to Latex, and come in two different forms; Nitrile Medical Gloves and Nitrile Disposable Gloves. Nitrile is made out of synthetic rubber, making them latex free and safe for those who suffer from latex allergy. Nitrile gloves are actually stronger than latex when put to the puncture test.

Nitrile Medical Gloves are also very commonly referred to as medical grade or exam gloves, meaning that they have to undergo a series of tests before they can be approved by FDA, or Food and Drug Administration, to guarantee their heightened durability. Their strength can protect the wearer against blood borne pathogens. Because disposable gloves are used more frequently among those who work in the medical field, nitrile has soared passed latex. The FDA has also noted that the use of powdered gloves is unacceptable in the medical field because of the higher risk factors during procedures.

Nitrile Disposable gloves, or Nitrile Non-Medical Gloves, are most notably utilized in industries such as automotive, personal use, sanitation or janitorial, the beauty industry, food service, plumbing, painting, and in chemical labs.

Choosing the correct nitrile glove for your own use and profession is a fairly easy task. Clear labels that state the type of glove along with its proper use, medical or non-medical, are on every box. Based on the information above, Nitrile Medical Gloves should be used and reserved for those in the health care industry due to the increased protection against bodily fluids and puncture resistance. Nitrile disposable or industrial gloves are best used in fields working with chemicals, food and even utilized within the home.

 The advantages of nitrile gloves are:

  • they are latex free,
  • they are puncture resistant,
  • they offer high levels of sensitivity,
  • they have a great skintight fit,
  • they are great for long term use,
  • they are great for high-risk situations,
  • they have a long shelf life,
  • they are resistant to many chemicals.



When you are on the hunt for the perfect glove for your tasks, whether medical or non-medical, it is important to consider the size, fit and durability of the glove you need.

To avoid possible allergic reaction to Latex gloves, Nitrile Medical Gloves are the best option when working in the medical field. Vinyl gloves are ideal for those working in the food industry and industrial fields and Nitrile Non-Medical gloves can be used in industrial fields as well as beauty and sanitation.

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