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Serving our frontline fighters against the pandemic

An FDA certified vendor you can depend on

  • One-stop-shop from air purifiers to NIOSH approved masks
  • National reach with local support
  • Multiple GPO contracts for expedited ordering
  • Easy ordering (purchase orders or credit card)
  • Reliable and consistent supply of quality products
  • Best BULK prices with free shipping

An FDA/SAM/IPP Registered Company

Ordering Process

To issue a Purchase Order:
Email us your RFQ or use the “Request A Quote” feature in the products pages to create your RFQ online.
We will email you an official quote with discounted prices depending on the size of order.
You can simply send us your purchase order.
We can honor NET30 requirements.
To order online and pay by GPC/Credit Card:
Create an account here
To set the status of your account to Tax-Exempt, let us know via chat, or email your tax-exempt certificate. We will quickly review and inform you once your account is set to Tax-Exempt.
You can proceed with ordering online.

Volume Discounts and Recurring Orders

If you are ordering in large volumes or have recurring orders, contact us for a customized solution with bulk discount.


GPO Contracts

Vizocare is a member of several Group Purchasing Organizations including Magnet Group, IPHCA, and PDM Healthcare.

Health Sector

Our Clients in the Health Sector

Over 100 hospitals, clinics, and healthcare facilities from all states come to Vizocare for their supply of workplace health products.


graham Medical


VizoCare Special Program to Protect our Frontline Fighters : Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for Hospitals and Outpatient Clinics


We have all learned from the pandemic how critical it is for the healthcare centers and hospitals to be prepared for the worst case scenarios. Lack of such a preparedness costs the loss of precious lives among patients and healthcare workers.

Vizocare has made a commitment to support our healthcare workers with the highest quality supplies and equipment during and after the pandemic. From personal protective equipment and air purifiers to UV sanitization equipment and cleaning supplies and solutions, we back our hospitals and clinics to do their job now and in the future.


VizoCare commits to helping our healthcare workers do their jobs safely during and after the coronavirus pandemic. We will provide the following items to make sure all medical workers are safe: