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Speed, quality, and safety - all in one place. Shielding against the Eris Virus with effective PPE.
Speed, quality, and safety - all in one place. At Vizocare, Your safety is our top priority.
Cetrix Technologies
Cetrix is a supplier of PPE to schools, businesses, and government agencies. They have moved from manufacturing and designing mobile computing devices and integrated mobile technologies for vertical markets, to offering high quality PPE and ramping up production of UV disinfectant cabinets since the pandemic. Cetrix is a trusted name by hundreds of clients across the US. The Cetrix PureMax line of air purifiers is a reliable partner in purifying the air at homes, schools, hospitals, and offices. Their UVC Air Purifier is easily portable, uses medical-grade UVC light, and HEPA filters to remove viruses and related airborne pathogens. PureMax's revolutionary design allows air to be exposed to UVC light optimally. The vertical chamber design decreases the airflow speed and increases disinfection time, which effectively triples its disinfection ability. Third-party testing proved that the PureMax UV-C air sterilizer can effectively inactivate bacteria and viruses. PureMax's 2-Stage air purification focuses on maximum UVC exposure time rather than just collecting pollution and maximizing air volume.