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Vizocare has been awarded a number of government contracts that serve as contracting vehicles for various federal, state and local government agencies. These cooperative purchasing contracts offer numerous benefits to the member agencies when purchasing PPE and other related items through these contacts.

Cooperative Purchasing Contracts

Cooperative Purchasing Benefits

Why Piggy Backing a Cooperative Purchasing Contracts?

  • Awarded by a government lead agency or government sponsored cooperative
  • Lower prices due to guaranteed sales
  • Saves time and resources not having to complete a RFP process
  • Satisfy local solicitation requirements without the need for a formal solicitation
  • Staff and legal counsel available to assist with questions about contract use
  • Usually no or low membership fees
  • Includes multi-year contracts

About Cooperative Purchasing

Cooperative Purchasing means procurement conducted by, or on behalf of, one or more Public Procurement Units. Two or more government agencies collaborate to issue a solicitation for products/services used by those agencies. Also, a third-party organization can facilitate the creation and use of the cooperative contract. Such a third-party organization works with lead public agencies to conduct a public solicitation (RFP) and develop a Master Price Agreement.

Other government agencies may piggy back on those contracts by signing an IGA (Intergovernmental Agreement) with the Lead Public Agency. An IGA Allows customer to piggyback off contract. Pricing in response usually better due to more guaranteed sales.

VizoCare Cooperative Purchasing Contracts

Contract # Issuing Agency What it includes Period Who can use it?The New York State Office of General Services (OGS)New


National Purchasing Partners “NPP”

A broad range of PPE products

Mar 2021 – Mar 2024

All Cooperative Members

PCA OD-339-21

Purchasing Cooperative of America

A broad range of PPE products

3 FEB 2021 – 2 FEB 2022

All Cooperative Members


TIPS Cooperative – State of Texas

Industrial and Facility Equipment, Chemicals, Supplies, and Services
(Including all PPE, Air purifiers, Sanitizers, Pathogen Barriers, and Disinfectants)

22 OCT 2020 – 31 MAY 2023

All Cooperative Members


Eastern Suffolk BOCES Cooperative

A broad range of PPE products

1 MAR 2021 – 31 AUG 2021

All Cooperative Members


New York State Office of General Services

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) &Related Items (Statewide)

1 AUG 2021 – 31 JUL 2022

All Public Agencies of NY State


Commonwealth of Virginia

Air purifiers and Supplies

1 AUG 2021 – 31 JUL 2024

Agencies of the Commonwealth
of Virginia


TIPS Cooperative – State of Texas

All PPE, sanitizers, protectants, shields, disinfectants,
pathogen prevention / removal / remediation services, barriers, or
similar goods/materials

Feb, 2021 – Feb 2024

All Cooperative Members


The New York State Office of General Services (OGS)

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Related Items

Oct 2021-May 2022

New York State Government Organizations Directly

Other Contracting Vehicles for Government Agencies

Contract # Issuing Agency What it Includes Period Who can use it



A broad range of masks, gloves, gowns, shoe and head covers, face shields, sanitizers, wipes, dispensers, goggles and glasses, thermometers

4 AUG 2020 – 31 JUL 2021

Only NIH buyers


State of California – Dept. of General Services

N95 respirators and Level-2 and Level-3 3-ply masks

4 DEC 2020 – 3 DEC 2021

All Federal and State Government Agencies, School Districts, State Universities, State Hospitals


State of Arizona – Dept. of Administration

A broad range of PPE products

1 JAN 2021 – 31 DEC 2021

State of Arizona Agencies


Clark County School District

3 Ply masks

OCT 2020-SEP 2021

County School Districts

2021 PPE

Griffin Regional Educational Service Agency (Griffin RESA)

A broad range of PPE products

10 FEB 2021 – 9 FEB 2022

All members of Griffin RESA


State of Maryland

3 Ply Masks - Level 2

23 OCT 2020 – 22 OCT 2021

All Maryland Agencies and all other states


Hays Consolidated Independent School District (HCISD) - Texas

A broad range of PPE products

14 DEC 2020 – 13 DEC 2021

All schools in HCISD


COSTARS - Pennsylvania Department of General Services

A broad range of PPE products

27 JAN 2021 – 26 JAN 2022

All Pennsylvania Agencies

Tax-Exempt Account for Government Agencies

To set up your tax-exempt account, please follow the below steps:

Step 1

Create a user account on VizoCare

Step 2

Let us know via Chat and we will set your account as tax-exempt.

Step 3

Proceed with your order

Step 4

Send a copy of your tax-exempt certificate to