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👮‍♂️ Celebrating National Police Week - Honoring your dedication with Top-Tier protection - READ OUR BLOG
👮‍♂️ Celebrating National Police Week - Honoring your dedication with Top-Tier protection - READ OUR BLOG

Nationwide reach with local support

Your dependable partner for workplace health products

  • Reliable and consistent supply of quality products
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Free technical consultation
  • Special plans for recurring orders
  • Multiple warehouses across the nation
  • Best BULK prices with free shipping

An FDA/SAM/IPP Registered Company

Ordering Process

For Bulk Orders:
Email us your RFQ or use the “Request A Quote” feature in the products pages to create your RFQ online.
We will email you an official quote with discounted prices depending on the size of order.
You can simply send us your purchase order.
We can honor NET30 requirements.
To order online and pay by Credit Card:
Create an account here
To set the status of your account to Tax-Exempt, let us know via chat, or email your tax-exempt certificate. We will quickly review and inform you once your account is set to Tax-Exempt.
You can proceed with ordering online.

Volume Discounts and Recurring Orders

If you are ordering in large volumes or have recurring orders, contact us for a customized solution with bulk discount.


Free Technical Consultation

Need an air purifier but you’re not sure what to select? Or don’t know which type of mask would suite you best? Contact us to speak to a technical advisor for a no-obligation technical consultation.

Commercial Sector

Our Clients in the Commercial Sector

Hundreds of commercial clients from all sectors in all states, testify to Vizocare quality of service.


In partnership with over 100 major manufacturers of healthcare products and air purifiers,
Vizocare brings you the best of the breed.


Vizocare products helps private enterprises in reopening their businesses by providing special offers and various payment and delivery options


The pandemic has had a tremendous impact on the private sector. Many small businesses have closed and large businesses have been forced to streamline their organization and operation in order to stay in business. This has had a tremendous negative effect on the lives of many Americans as well as on our economy as a whole.

One way of fighting back the implications of the coronavirus pandemic has been to equip the private enterprises, small and large, with the best PPE and other health and hygiene supplies. This is where Vizocare has been focusing for the past year.


Vizocare has been providing businesses with essential supplies to help them keep their businesses open and running. Some of the supplies and equipment we offer are: