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Zogics provides eco-friendly, safety-oriented, and specially-designed products to suit a variety of facilities. They’ve worked with major gyms, hotels, hospitals, and other types of large-scale facilities to provide cleaning and sanitizing solutions. Their products range from best-selling gym wipes, high-quality cleaning supplies, wholesale towels, state of the art fitness and exercise equipment, powerful air purifiers, and much more. Zogics offers top of the line H13 HEPA Air Filtration Systems that treat the air in rooms between 400 to 1000 square feet, providing cleaner, fresher air and do not produce any harmful ozone. The setup of five filters help remove dust, allergens, smoke, gases, pollen, bacteria, and viruses from the air, improving the air you breathe. Easy to use controls allow you to control the level of filtration in your space. The system also features an automatic function that smartly senses the level of pollution in the air and adjusts accordingly. Speed mode is useful for tackling spaces that are smoke or allergen-filled, and at night, the system continues to work while set at ultra-quiet sleep mode. Additionally, their air monitoring system helps maintain healthy indoor air quality and reduce the risk of disease transmission. Its real-time monitoring continuously monitors your air quality for risks to health and the presence of viruses like SARS-CoV-2 and the flu, all the while helping avoid unnecessary HVAC expenses.