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AirFree was first founded in Portugal due to a father’s need to protect his son from constant allergic attacks in their home. AirFree air purifiers are among the most advanced air purifiers when it comes to effectively eliminating airborne viruses and bacteria. They work perfectly at homes and offices, with each air sterilizer using their patented Thermodynamic Sterilizing System that purifies the air you breathe with sterilizing heat. Airfree air purifiers have been proven effective and exhaustively tested in European laboratories. They continue to do so to ensure their removal efficiency results are consistent and meet their standards. All AirFree units have been tested to remove 99.99% of airborne allergens and germs of all sizes using TSS heat-sterilizing technology. They're also good at getting rid of certain organic odors such as cigarette smoke by employing heat to kill airborne allergens, leaving only cleaner, healthier air. Most people spend more time at home indoors, and they may not be able to tell if the air inside is healthy and clean, but with AirFree air purifiers, they can regularly help keep the indoor environment healthy for the family.