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The Importance of PPE - Your protection against the pandemic will be first reviewed


The world at large has been hit severely by the pandemic. Healthcare workers and the other frontline workers have been constantly battling difficult fights to serve its people, and PPE has been the lifeline for them. Personnel Protective Equipment or PPE has been the protective gear that has saved the lives of these frontline workers by protecting them against any possible health risks posed by the coronavirus. With the virus evolving in itself and the immunity chasing it down to curb its effects, the protection through Personal Protective Equipment and its usage should be under strict guidance and training.

So here we answer all your questions to help you make the best use of PPE kits thereby dealing with the day-to-day issues related to the problems and the usage of PPE. This will prevent future complications, clarify any doubts, and allay possible anxiety among all healthcare workers. Let’s now take it down one by one and discuss how the industrial safety supplies help at their best.

1) What is PPE and what does it include?

PPE Equipment Supplies

Taking the safety equipment supplies into consideration, PPE is anything that helps

These forms of coverings reduce or nullify the threats that the presence of the virus may pose at the workplace. People have different nature of jobs and worksites and therefore the list of following equipment may be used as PPE and these include:

  • Gloves
  • Boots
  • Earplugs
  • The face shields-Respirators
  • Safety harnesses
  • Hi-Vis clothing
  • Helmets, hardhats, and facial protection

2) Is PPE washable or can I reuse it?

In most cases, the PPE is designed to be used only once before it is sent for disposal using safe disposal procedures? It is true that the PPE may come in contact with an infection on exposure to the bodily fluids of an infected person. It should then be disposed of immediately using proper disposal and removal procedures.

3) Will it be possible for me to share my PPE with the other users?

Use a single PPE KitTo inform you that most of the PPE are designed to be used specifically by one person. The PPE kits cleared by the FDA are not intended to be shared at all. It is advised to use a single PPE kit for one person since the protective capabilities of the PPE cannot be measured accurately if it is used by more than one person. Being regulated by the same standards as the other industrial safety supplies, the PPE needs wise usage.

4) Where can I buy my Personal Protective Equipment?

You can buy yourself personal protective equipment without a necessary prescription. The PPE kits are available at pharmacies, medical supply stores, internet medical supply retailers, etc. They are affordable and are available easily at low price ranges. The ease of availability from the most trusted sources also plays a crucial role since the lab-tested kits await your response online.

We at Vizocare facilitate our audience with reliable and quality solutions that solve all their problems in a comprehensive manner. We are there with you in these tough times and come up with high-quality solutions to support you. Our PPE kits are simple things for your team. With several different options available, we have a kit to fit any budget.

5) Does my PPE protect me against a specific virus?

PPE protective capability

The performance evaluation of the PPE kits is never done against specific viruses. The PPE kits getting the green signal from the FDA are never assured to protect you against one particular kind of a virus. Though, the protective capability of a PPE kit relies much on the way it is designed. These are designed to create a non-disease-specific barrier to penetration of substances, solid, liquid, or airborne particles.

6) What are the situations under which I should use my PPE kit?

It is to be noted that the use of PPE for protection might cause a certain degree of restrictions to the wearer. The protection via a PPE kit emphasizes more at a personal level and remains restricted to the wearer. Therefore the usage of PPE becomes the last resort.

The risk of getting exposed to any unwanted particulate matter or disease-causing viruses is more prominent in public spaces. The workspace risk, in particular, has to be kept in mind and so the employers need to be protected against the risks posed there. Collective protective measures have to be introduced rather than focusing on an individual member’s protection. If in case the collective measures of protection are not sufficient, there comes the use of PPE kits so as to deny the risks posed by the unavoidable circumstances.

Vizocare always stands for you in order to protect yourself against the pandemic

We believe that we might have covered all your queries. We not only cover your questions with up-to-date answers, but we also understand the fact that finding the right combinations for your PPE kit is difficult. We have products in high demand - such as face masks, gloves, and sanitizers - that tend to sell out quickly and can be hard to stock up on. We provide custom PPE kits, making it easier to acquire the essential PPE items that your organization needs.

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