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BACK2WORK UV Disinfection Box 

Protect yourself and your family from harmful bacteria and viruses with the help of powerful UV light sanitizer. UV sanitizer box effectively sterilizes for your phone, glasses, keys, beauty tools, watches, money, mask, and more of cold and flu causing germs in 3 mins.
 This UV light cleaner disinfects quickly and safely by emitting ultraviolet light with a wavelength of 253.77nm via UVC LEDs. 

Thin & Portable, Disinfection at any time and anywhere.


Material: ABS
Color: white, pink, blue
Service life 500 (H)
Current: 2 (A)
Voltage: 5 (V)
Color: Blue
Port: USB
Installation method: Built-in battery
Sterilization time: 3min
Full sterilization times: 180 times
Protection level: IP55


unit weight: 230g
unit size: 330*290*45(mm)
1pc/color box
carton weight:10.5KG