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Proper PPE for teachers and students remains a top priority for parents and school boards. From kid's face masks to sanitizers, disinfecting charging cabinets, and air purifiers, we have all the gear your school needs to fight off germs in the classroom.

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Benefits for Schools

Convenient payment options

Reduced Competitive product pricing

Dedicated Account Management

Low-cost delivery options

To order by a purchase order, just email your purchase order to and we’ll take care of the rest

State and Cooperative Contracts

You can simplify your ordering process and save time and money by using any of tens of different state-wide and cooperative contracts awarded to Vizcoare.

Contact us and start taking full advantage of your contract today.

Tax-Exempt Account for Schools and Universities

To set up your tax-exempt account, please follow the below steps:

Step 1

Create a user account on VizoCare

Step 2

Let us know via Chat and we will set your account as tax-exempt.

Step 3

Proceed with your order

Step 4

Send a copy of your tax-exempt certificate to


Over 400 school districts, colleges, and universities from all states come to Vizocare for their supply of workplace health products.

For Bulk Orders, we can provide you with very special discounts