Oransi Air Purifier and Replacement Filter Collection – VizoCare
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Oransi air purifiers are designed for the allergy-prone, environmentally-conscious, and overall particular individuals looking for an excellent air purifier to clean and purify their indoor air. All Oransi air purifier models help reduce carbon footprint and come with efficient fans that use 41% less energy than comparable air purifiers. They feature HEPA-level air filtration that removes over 98% of symptom-triggering allergens such as dust, pollen, mold, pet dander, and other particles. Oransi air purifiers filter irritating odors, chemicals, and gases and ultraviolet germicidal lamps to combat bacteria and germs. With a lightweight design, whisper-quiet operation, and an unmatched 10-year warranty, these air purifiers are great buys that bring you years of breathing healthy indoor air.