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Disinfection charging cabinets

Disinfection Charging Cabinets- Recharging All Portable Devices In a Safe And Effective Manner

We as a community have succumbed to the severity of the pandemic in the recent past. The world has already faced the consequences of this very deadly respiratory virus that spreads primarily through the droplets and the other carriers, such as the sneeze and cough of the infected. Additionally, individuals getting infected via contaminated surface contacts is a significant threat looming. This rapid spread through the various agents calls for the urgency to follow the COVID appropriate behavior that includes multiple techniques to prevent any direct or indirect contact with respiratory droplets of an infected person and contaminated surfaces.

The first wave of the virus had been significant in addressing what we lacked as our preventive measures. This time around, we all are even better prepared for the second wave of the pandemic. We have our guards up once again.               

Covid-19 protocols-The shield against the virus

Covid-19 protocols-The shield against the virus

Usage of alcohol-based hand sanitizers, social distancing norms, regular household cleaning, disinfection of products, etc., are the perpetual means and measures adopted to eliminate the virus effectively. An individual is following these safety measures as a part of the routine. Even though the safety norms followed by the individual are a shield to curb the impacts of the spread, this methodology proves more effective on a personal level. As a result, there is a need to introduce a technique that could work effectively at a much professional level. A technique that could be used appropriately by organizations and firms to protect the workers and workplaces against this dramatic spread of coronavirus. There is an urgency for a technique that proves comprehensive protection.

Disinfection cabinets put to work for our safety

Disinfection cabinets put to work for our safety

Disinfection charging cabinets are proving their mettle as a guard for the working community against the spread. Multipurpose UVC disinfection cabinets are made to disinfect the surface of all portable electronic devices(laptops, keyboards, smartphones, tablets, etc.) with nearly 100% effectiveness. Disinfecting the surface while charging, the all-in-one combination of the disinfection cabinets and the charging carts is very versatile. 

Working of the charging cart and the disinfection cabinet

UV disinfection system inside a cabinet attacks all the microbial structures while charging. The disinfection system inside the cabinet removes germs and bacteria from the outer cover of the devices. At the same time, they are being charged via a USB (no adapter) with a regulated, and protected power circuit and an LED charging indicator. However, charging with a device adapter is also an option available.

UV light effectively kills viruses and germs efficiently because of the distinctive germicidal characteristics in a particular range of wavelengths. Killing the virus and other disease-causing pathogens, the UV disinfection system works on a physical process. The microorganisms present on the outer surfaces of the portable electronic devices are exposed to the germicidal UV light. The action of the UV rays is so quick and effective that the viruses lose their capability to grow and multiply. The germicidal characteristics of the UV light can proactively fight against the deadly coronaviruses and render them harmless. No residue is left after the disinfection process is carried out, as the UVC disinfection process is non-chemical.

Key Features associated with the setup

As already discussed, the UV disinfection charging cabinets are an efficient and fast means for killing bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens. The setup is nullifying the impact of the deadly coronavirus as an effective sanitization method. Organizations are greatly dependent on utilizing this unique UV Disinfection methodology to prevent their workplaces, employees, customers, and resources from being infected by coronavirus. 

With health and safety concerns being the only priority now, an unexpected surge in demand for UV Disinfection Systems would not be a surprise. The key features associated with the device are the main reason behind the success of these charging cabinets.

1) Disinfects the devices within 5 minutes

2) Digital timer to count the time consumption for disinfection and charging 

3) Nearly 100% effective in curbing the impact of the virus

4) Environmental-friendly and non-toxic

5) Disinfects all objects-keyboards, laptops, smartphones, boxes, and containers, etc 

Special and the most effective technology 

By now, the benefits of utilizing the disinfection charging cabinets are evident. It is a fight against the deadliest virus of our time, and you cannot put your guards down. These UV disinfection systems ensure you have the ultimate safety in your armory by utilizing a non-toxic technique to kill the virus in minutes. Many organizations including the schools, universities, hospitals, and public and private agencies are already using this unique methodology to disinfect their equipment, workplaces, and employees. Are you using it? If not, this is the right time to do so.

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