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California Reopening-The Best Face Masks You Can Use to Reduce Corona virus Spread

California Reopening-The Best Face Masks You Can Use to Reduce Corona virus Spread

After the governments have offered relaxation, there have been several debates on whether the use of masks is helpful. Now governments have imposed mandates on businesses in place of earlier orders forbidding penalties that were imposed on individuals for not wearing masks.

Despite the several debates and confusion arising, there are a growing number of scientific studies supporting the fact that the use of mass for curbing the spread of coronavirus is an effective one.

Experts are suggesting that face masks stop the spread of coronavirus in two different ways. There is evidence that wearing the mask protects the wearer. On the other hand, there is strong evidence supporting the fact that face masks also prevent a healthy person from catching the infection from an infected person.   

The opening of lockdown and reopening of public places- the implications

In post-lockdown times and while COVID 19 continues to wreak havoc, various measures, like social distancing and proper hand hygiene, must be followed. Alongside this, there is also a need to use inexpensive and highly effective face masks to stay safe and flatten the COVID-19 curve.

Agencies, like the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, recommend people wear face masks to evade the transmission of coronavirus. However, to ensure effective protection and safety, it’s not useful to choose the first face mask you find. Rather, it is important to pick the ones that meet the recommended standards (ANSI, NIOSH, ISO and more). It will ensure that the face mask you are using provides complete protection and comfort without compromising breathability.

Various face masks useful to prevent COVID-19 spread

  • FM1 KN95 mask
  • FM2 N95 NIOSH mask
  • FM3B N95 mask
  • FM3G N95 face mask
  • FM3T N95 mask
  • FM4 3-ply disposable face mask
  • FM5 3 ply surgical face mask
  • FM7 disposable child face mask


N95 Mask

These offer a high level of protection and are an essential part of the PPE used by medical care workers.

  • FM2 N95 NIOSH mask. This NIOSH-certified respirator, CDC No. 84A-5411is effectively designed to offer the wearer protection against very small particles in the range of 12 nanometers- estimated diameter of coronavirus.   However, these are generally afloat in droplets containing protein, water, salt and other things and can be up to 300 nanometers. The NIOSH masks are highly effective and can filter more than 95% of the particles in the order of 0.3 microns, or 300 nanometers. The best part is that the masks are highly durable with a soft surface and elastic fit for complete comfort, secure ear straps and adjustable nose piece for effective functionality.
  • FM1 KN95 mask. The 5-ply KN 95 respirators are made from high quality, non-woven, hot air cotton and melt-blown fabric. It features an invisible and adjustable nose clip, elastic ear loops and 3D comfortable design. It has a particle filtering capacity of more than 95%. It offers protection against the PM 2.5 air pollution, bio-aerosols (viruses), volcanic eruptions and more.

The high-quality face masks we offer in the respirators category include FM 3 B N95 mask, FM 3G N95 face mask and FM 3T N95 mask.

Surgical face masks

Surgical Mask

These are of various kinds. At Vizocare, we offer only the best quality, multi-layered disposable surgical and medical face masks for ample protection. These are useful for people who will be in direct contact with infected patients in isolation ward settings. Surgical face masks are not required to meet the NIOSH standards.

  • FM 5 3-ply surgical face mask. These comprise of disposable surgical face masks of high quality and a 3-ply structure. These are single-use face masks made of high quality cotton and non-woven filter cloth. The first fabric ply is of moderate thickness that can resist dust and ashes. The middle ply is a meltdown BFE95 material that can stop microbes and particulate substances. The third and innermost ply is made from skin-friendly, damp-proof material.
  • FM 7 disposable child face mask. This is a 3-ply face mask for children made of non-woven fabric and high-quality cotton, with a 3-ply structure. These are similar to the 3-ply surgical face masks. The first ply obstructs dust and debris, the second ply is moderately thick to obstruct microorganisms and small particulate substances, and the innermost fabric is skin-friendly and damp proof. The child-friendly face masks are made from environmentally-friendly, non-toxic, soft, comfortable and non-irritating materials. These ensure breathability and a high level of comfort. It is an attractive look so that children like to wear it. The inner structure of the disposable child face mask protects kids for a long period.

To learn more about these masks and get more information about surgical face masks, reach out to our sales experts.

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