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Buying Guide For Disposable Gloves - Vinyl Vs. Latex Vs Nitrile Gloves

Buying Guide For Disposable Gloves - Vinyl Vs. Latex Vs Nitrile Gloves

In the COVID-19 era, procuring the right kind of gloves to protect hands from the transmission of infection is essential.  In medical settings, employers need to stock up regularly on single-use disposable gloves.   Disposable gloves are of various types of material including vinyl, latex and nitrile.  Additionally, the purpose or the place where the gloves have to be used is essential.

In these times, 6% of the US population is estimated to have a latex allergy.   Due to this, multiple states are now enforcing latex bans.  However, the good thing is that you can procure gloves from various sellers that can give you an alternative to latex gloves.  These alternatives are especially useful in the food service industry and are made from nitrile, neoprene, polyethylene and vinyl.

In medical and healthcare settings, the main kinds of glove used include vinyl, latex, and nitrile.  However, it is vital to ensure that the staff wearing latex gloves is not allergic to the material.  While procuring the right gloves for your staff, you should know about the fundamental differences in material choices.   It will help to make an informed choice while going for the best types of gloves.

Vinyl Gloves:

These are looser fitting than latex and the Nitrile gloves.  Typically, these are used in the food service industry where durability and protection are not so much of emergency requirements than in the medical sector.  Disposable vinyl gloves for sale are less expensive options.  These are suited for short-term and low-risk tasks where you need to keep the expenses low.  Vinyl gloves have an average dexterity level, generally less than that of vinyl and the latex gloves.  However, vinyl gloves are a good option for various tasks in the food service industry, certain tasks in dentistry, hospitals and cosmetic industry, and automotive and janitorial industries.   Vinyl gloves are also less puncture and chemical resistant.


Latex Gloves:

Before using these gloves, it is essential to ensure the individual is not susceptible to a latex allergy. In general, latex gloves offer a high degree of protection in various applications.  The latex glove has a better chemical and puncture resistance than vinyl, but less than that of nitrile.  Wearing latex gloves for a long time may induce an allergy.   In such a situation, you have to look for alternatives to latex gloves.

However, in general, high quality disposable latex gloves for sale offer a higher level of dexterity, a comfortable fit.  Powdered latex gloves are easier to slip on and wear.  These are generally thinner and this enhances the touch sensitivity of the latex gloves.  The latex gloves are ideal for use in the healthcare and cosmetic industries, the automotive industry and the janitorial industry.

Latex gloves are a cost-effective option and are biodegradable.  They fit like a second skin and offer a right level of dexterity.  These are highly elastic, strong and are preferred in the medical industry as they are made from natural materials.

Nitrile Gloves

These gloves are manufactured in reputable facilities and are generally known as medical grade gloves.  They are an ideal option when a latex allergy is a significant concern.  Nitrile is also known as synthetic rubber that is far superior to latex for puncture and chemical resistance.   In other words, they are highly durable gloves in comparison to latex and vinyl gloves.  Due to their enduring characteristics and efficient functionality, disposable nitrile gloves for sale are highly useful in several industries including the healthcare and cosmetic care industries.  They are useful in dentistry, hospitality and beauty salons as well as the automotive and industrial sectors and in the janitorial industry.

The most useful feature of nitrile gloves is that they are molded completely to fit your hands.  They offer excellent puncture resistance and have a long shelf life.  Nitrile gloves are available in powdered and non-powdered versions.  You can wear these for long periods and the gloves work well in high risk situations involving infectious materials.  However, nitrile gloves are not biodegradable.

To learn more about the various kinds of disposable gloves and to buy high quality PPE products, reach out to sales experts of a reputable PPE seller.

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