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Best Hand Sanitizer Wipes in 2022

We are all doing our best when it comes to being healthy. We all know that washing our hands with soap and water is the most efficient approach to get rid of bacteria and viruses in our continuing attempts to keep ourselves and our children healthy. But using soap and water isn't always convenient or possible. When we need to clean our hands, we don't always have access to a faucet. This is where hand sanitizers come in handy. Antibacterial hand sanitizer wipes and hand sanitizers are two of the most common solutions for washing hands on the fly.

What are hand sanitizer wipes?

Antibacterial hand wipes are non-woven wipes dipped in a solution and are pre-moistened. They're made to eliminate germs and viruses and are available in alcohol-free and alcohol-based versions, similar to gels. However, you don't have to assume that all wet hand towelettes will effectively cleanse your hands. While selecting hand sanitizer wipes, ensure the alcohol concentration is high enough to destroy germs by looking at the components. Find one that contains at least 60% alcohol, as mandated by the FDA and recommended by the CDC. You'll need a hand wipe with an alcohol-based solution or one containing Benzalkonium Chloride, which has been clinically proven to destroy germs efficiently and swiftly.

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When using a hand wipe, be sure to cover all of your hands up to your forearms. The bacteria-killing solution is found in the moisture of the wipe. Here are the essential areas to focus on while using a hand wipe:

  • Individual fingers, fingertips, and toes, as well as nails
  • Between the fingers
  • Palms
  • Palms of the Hands
  • Wrists
  • Forearms

What’s more effective, hand sanitizer or hand wipes?

Studies have shown that wipes are much more efficient than sanitizing gels when it comes to eliminating bacteria, grime, and pollutants from hands. Research published in November 2010 by the Special Pathogens Laboratory found that body wipes with 65.9% alcohol were more successful than a 62 percent alcohol gel for physically wiping away germs. This can aid in limiting the spread of germs and preventing illness.

Because hand wipes are more successful at eliminating bacteria and dirt than gels, let's look at how to choose a good hand wipe.

best hand sanitizer in 2022

Things to remember while selecting hand sanitizing wipes for your daily use:

  • Go for a hand wipe that has been soaked with alcohol (ethanol), isopropyl alcohol, or benzalkonium chloride to efficiently and swiftly eliminate bacteria when it comes into contact with your skin.
  • Soothing agents: Because you'll be putting them on your hands regularly, choose a brand that has soothing and moisturizing components like natural aloe and vitamin E. This will prevent your palms from getting dry from the regular use of wipes.

If you have been looking for hand wipes that are safe for use at affordable prices, you need to look no further. We at Vizocare have got a variety of alcohol-based hand wipes value packs that will meet your disinfecting needs on the go and keep you and your family safe in these tough times. 


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