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Automatic Dispensers: The Hands-Free Approach for Maintaining Hand Hygiene

Automatic Dispensers: The Hands-Free Approach for Maintaining Hand Hygiene

Handwashing compliance is reportedly[1] a neglected aspect of maintaining hand hygiene and cleanliness in a pre-pandemic world. Improper handwashing techniques or skipping handwashing all-together after using public facilities is almost unthinkable with the global spread of COVID-19. How can we safely disinfect our hands when touching surfaces – such as faucets and soap dispensers – is strongly recommended against?

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Automatic sanitizer dispensers may have previously seemed like an unnecessarily aesthetic and modern choice, but they are now an absolute necessity for public spaces, common areas, and places of business. Soap, foam, antibacterial products, and gels are among some of the sanitizer products suited for dispensers. The innovative hands-free dispensing function provides the needed safety from touching contaminated surfaces and reduce the chances of contaminating otherwise clean surfaces with COVID-19 and other viruses or bacteria. Simply activating the sensor by holding out one’s hands beneath the dispenser will prompt the release of sanitizer onto the hands.

Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

While they have different modes of operating, many automatic dispensers are battery-powered. In addition, dispensers come in different shapes, sizes, and models. Wall-mounted dispensers are suitable for compact spaces and disinfecting on the go. They may often be found in public bathrooms. Desktop dispensers can be attached to surfaces like desks and tables, so they are most suitable for offices. Free-standing dispensers are easily movable and can be mounted upright on any stable floor surface. They are perfect to place at the entrances of stores and other public buildings.


We offer a range of efficient and attractive automatic dispensers designed to suit your community’s needs. Would you like to place an order or learn more information? Visit our website[2] and check out the available products in the catalogue. For a more personalized consultation, get in touch with our sales experts today!




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