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Air purifier for the office: Welcome your customers with clean air!

Air purifier for the office: Welcome your customers with clean air!


With limitless uses, air purifiers are available in many sizes and shapes. The good news is they also improve the indoor air quality of your office.  

The office is the place where people spend most of their time. So, it’s a great idea to place air purifiers in offices to fend off allergies and illness. .

In this article, we’ll discuss how beneficial an air purifier for the office is. Let’s dig into the article!

Why is indoor air polluted?

EPA study indicated that indoor air is 2-5 times more contaminated than outdoor air.

It is a fact that indoor air is much polluted than outdoor air. Why it’s so? Well, indoor pollutant level rises due to improper ventilation, humidity and higher temperature. 

Indoor air traps all the particulates, which hinder the airflow. But this higher pollutant level indoors cannot do harm if you have a proper air purifier.


Why should you use an air purifier in the office?

Several reasons make air purifiers a must to have item at the office. However, three primary reasons are as follows:

It prevents the disease from spreading

Yes, air purifiers are effective in preventing spread of many diseases. You  know how infection can spread and make everyone sick at your office. Ultimately, most of your staff will take leave from work due to sickness and, eventually, you have to bear the loss.So, it’s better to invest in air purifiers for your office. We recommend you buying air purifiers with HEPA filters. Besides, sanitizing equipment using UV light and heat to inactivate viruses and kill bacteria is also a good option.  

Customers love clean and fresh air 

Everyone likes to breathe in the fresh air. Some customers don’t want to visit a certain store because of the odd smell. An air purifier fixes this issue and welcomes your customers with fresh air. Thus, an air purifier helps you flourish your business by eliminating offensive odours.

Reduce breathing problems and allergies

The air purifier is a blessing if you, your employee, or your customer are allergic to odor, pollens, molds, or dust mites. Allergies such as asthma leave a person depressed, and an air purifier takes your employee back to life.

An air purifier with a HEPA and carbon filters are the best to tackle allergic problems. Air purifier reviews indicate that it can capture the smallest allergens to give you relief.

Thus, an air purifier for the office ensures the safety of your allergic employees and customers. What do you need more?

How can air purifiers benefit you? 

The office is a high-traffic area where people from different places come with varying types of pollutants. These pollutants can aggravate people’s allergies and cause illness. In both cases, workers will not be able to work correctly. Ultimately, your business will get only unhappy workers and unsatisfied customers.

In such a scenario, air purifiers’ should be the first defense line for your office.

Let’s take a simple example. An employee who is not allergic to perfume may cause trouble for the one who is allergic by using them.

In the same way, if your business allows pets, it will also cause discomfort to allergens. You must use an air purifier that can pull the pet dander and pet fur for such instances.

What should you consider while buying an air purifier for the office? 

So, do you want to purchase an air purifier for your office? You can start this process by asking yourself.

  • What is my business type?

  • How many employees work in my office?

  • Do the customers visit my office daily?

You may need an air purifier for the factory floor, staff room, warehouse, or store. Whatever your business type, you can find an air purifier in any size and shape.

Location of air purifier in the office also matters a lot. You must set the air purifier in an open place so that air can easily  pass through it. However, we recommend you place the 360⸰ air purifier in your office’s centre. In this way, you will get maximum benefits. 

On the other hand, if you’re using an air purifier for smoke, place it close to the smoking area. At such a position, it’ll show maximum efficiency in eliminating odor and lingering smoke.

Final thoughts..!!

Owning an air purifier for your office will improve the indoor air quality so that your employee can breathe in the clean air. You might consider the air in your office, warehouse, or store clean and fresh, But In reality, it is dirtier than your outdoor air.

Visit our website to find an air purifier according to your office needs!

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