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4 Experts backed ways of choosing The Best Air Purifiers For Ultimate Covid-19 Protection

4 Experts backed ways of choosing The Best Air Purifiers For Ultimate Covid-19 Protection

We have all been the witness to the evolving nature of the pandemic in the recent past. Now, it is ready to hit us all over again! Despite our health and medical professionals identifying a potential second wave, the world is witnessing a seismic rise in cases. This time it is alarming! 

Nevertheless, with an effort to seize the opportunity, we have good news. Looking at the mass destruction, the experts have identified a pattern of this virus. Although this virus has a periodic nature and an ability to hit us with greater thrust, we do have ways of safeguarding ourselves against this unkind bug. Don’t you wanna know how? Certainly, you do!

Of course, resorting to social distancing, masks, sanitizers, PPE kits and shields have been the safety measures till now. Howbeit, to keep our loved ones safe this summer, we have to add air purifiers in our condos. Air purifiers, like sanitizers and PPE kits, are the defenders we need. With expert advice, strong R&D, and an element of care, these air purifiers enter the market after some strong scrutiny. However, we can’t get anything and everything. Hence, here are a few ways in which we can look for an air purifier that is an optimal defender in this pandemic:

How to get The Best Air Purifiers For The Ultimate Covid-19 Protection?

How to get The Best Air Purifiers For The Ultimate Covid-19 Protection?

Amidst the crisis came the opportunity to facilitate the market with something really useful and protective! Ever since the dawn of this pandemic, the market is flooded with air purifiers. Thus, there also came a state of confusion as to finding the best quality air purifiers for 2021. Knowing what and how to pick can substantially help reduce the risk of a prominent exposure to the virus in a confined space. You need to choose the best air purifiers to help protect your home against COVID should be based on these expert-backed tips:  

1) Budget and space:

. The Best Air Purifier for 2021 for you

Budget and space define the scope of your shopping. The Best Air Purifier for 2021 for you is the one that figures out the cleaning space of your room. The selection between light-duty and heavy-duty air purifiers depends on the effectiveness of their respective devices. Will they work well in smaller or larger living space is a thing that you need to consider. 

Also, you have to observe the bandwidth of the cleaner that explains how air filtration works in practice. This is because a smaller air purifier could guard the space of a 350-square-foot room eight times in an hour but manage just four air changes per hour in a 700-square-foot area.


Try looking for a Clean Air Delivery Rate Factor(The CADR Factor) to understand the suitability of the purifier as per your room.

2) Know your type:

Air cleaners are made to filter the tiny particles in the air to allow you to breathe clean air. This complies that these air purifiers can filter the dust, pollen, pet dander, chemical particulates, unwanted germs, etc., which could be allergic if inhaled. 

Therefore it is important to understand that air purifiers vary in grade, type, and quality.  Besides, each one is suited to remove specific air pollutants. As of now, HEPA filters are the most common variety of home filters. Apart from HEPA, one can also get UV light devices, the most common sanitizers designed to kill bacteria, viruses, mold, or fungal spores. Both HEPA and UV light air purifiers have their specific roles. The former is high-efficient for particulate arresting whereas the latter is designed to kill any viruses, bacteria, or mold spores.


There are some ionizing filters as well. They have collector plates that tend to pull the particulates through the induction of the static charges. These collector plates could be present within the room's surface, including walls, curtains, carpets, and bedsheets. However, techniques such as ionization, UV filtration, and photocatalytic oxidation should be avoided as a part of the air purification systems. 

3) Filtering-efficiency against variable pollutants:

The best air purifiers for the ultimate COVID-19 protection mean incorporating the correct type of filter. The quality and size of filters are important for filtering efficiency. If your filter gets clogged easily, it will require frequent replacement implying more cost. 

Thus asking you to be vigilant against the purifier’s ability to filter different pollutant sizes. Dust, pollen, dirt, dander, moisture particles, and anything, the best air purifiers for 2021 should work to enhance the overall air quality around you.

4) Pre-Filters and Activated carbon layers:

A smart buyer is circumspect. They scrutinize every inch of equipment before investing in the device. Perhaps, the time is ripe for you to do that. Amid the pandemic, don’t fall prey to false claims that might turn out to be a fallacy. Be smart and look for air purifiers that come with pre-filters and activated carbon layers. 

Pre-filters help to filter out the heavy particles that hamper the quality of the air. This needs to be followed by the activated carton layers installed in your machines. Activated carbon is a porous element that quickly sucks in most gaseous contaminants. Therefore, this time, be smart and beware of the quality of the air purifier. 

Stay cautious, at home, and healthy!

 the best air purifiers for 2021, helping us fight against COVID-19

To the globe's dismay, this pandemic is dangerous. It has struck again with a new strain and has brought the bad memories of last summer. Some specific places have seen a high number of coronavirus infections and some are on the verge to experience it. Disheartening it may sound, the time has come to fasten our seat belts!

The dire state of the virus has again forced us to follow the COVID protocols at:

This time, we need to gear up even better with the best air purifiers for 2021, helping us fight against COVID-19. So, as responsible citizens of the country, we need to abide by the social distancing norms and protect ourselves and the entire community.

It is a time when we need to stand united but in physical distance taking all the precautionary measures. You as a community have to stand together and we promise you that we as a community stand together with you. We at Vizocare state the fact that In a world full of NO, we are a team full of YES. We will do everything possible for you when it is safety first. Stay home, stay safe!


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