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👮‍♂️ Celebrating National Police Week - Honoring your dedication with Top-Tier protection - READ OUR BLOG
A UV Disinfection Cabinet for Classrooms of All Sizes

A UV Disinfection Cabinet for Classrooms of All Sizes

UV disinfection cabinets and tools are all over today's electronic market. Many companies are competing to sell cabinets that charge classroom electronics as they store them, ensuring they are ready-to-go whenever needed for learning. Although there are many options on the market for both charging cabinets and UV disinfection cabinets… there are very few options that give you charging and sanitization simultaneously!

VizoCare’s UV disinfection cabinets not only serve as this double-solution, but they are large enough to store devices for an entire class of any size. When devices are needed for learning, students are safe using them, thanks to effective UVC disinfecting lights. These lights harm neither the devices nor humans – instead of killing only germs that cause illness and are otherwise killed with harsh chemicals that are harmful to humans, especially school-aged children who may accidentally ingest them. 

Plus, gone are the days of forgetting to charge devices. When students return their device to a VizoCare cabinet, it will be plugged into a charging port, ensuring full battery life when they pick it up the next school day. You can be at ease when you leave your classroom for the night, knowing that each device will be clean, safe, and charged up when you're ready to teach the following day.   

Does Cetrix Have a UV Disinfection Cabinet for my Class Size?

Classrooms vary in physical size, shape, capacity, and much more. Likewise, our dual-purpose charging and disinfecting storage cabinet solutions come in a wide range of models. Please browse our site to check out the full line! Not finding the perfect fit? Work with us, and we can customize a cabinet for you. 

You might notice a few colors in our selection – black and white. These colors indicate cabinet types. 

If you are looking for ample device storage for Chromebooks or laptops, you'll want to check our black BP model cabinets. BP model cabinets have wide device slots and AC outlets on their backsides. This means you can efficiently keep all devices charged by connecting one power adaptor. 

Maybe you need to charge small devices instead. In this case, the white BU models would be the best fit for you. These white cabinets have small device slots made for tablets or smartphones. Plug in the USB interface located on the cabinet's face to activate the charging ports in each slot and get every device ready for what the next day brings.

Ready to Have Your UV Disinfection Cabinet?

For your own affordable and highly effective UV disinfection cabinet, look to VizoCare. We are so devoted to providing price and health-conscious products that we manufacture all of them on our own! By cutting out the extra steps and parties in the middle, we rack up major cost-avoidance. Then we pass those monetary savings right on to you in the form of highly competitive prices! 

We offer bulk discounts on all of our products, including personal protective equipment (PPE), that we also manufacture in-house. This means you can save even more when outfitting your whole school or district. If you happen to find a lower price elsewhere, VizoCare will match it – we want to give you the best deal possible. 

VizoCare offers all you need to keep the children you’re committed to serving safe. Browse our site to purchase bulk hand sanitizer, gloves, face masks, face shields, and of course – UV disinfection cabinets. Want to talk to us about your order? We're happy to help you curate the perfect assortment of safety products. Just reach out via the Contact Us section on our webpage! 

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