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Reusable Clear Face Mask, Box of 5 (FM-9)


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Note: Price is for a box of 5 masks.

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The problem with most face masks is that you can’t see the majority of someone’s face, which, to many of us, is a deterrence from normal human interaction. The ability to read someone’s facial expressions and emotions is incredibly important to some caretakers and those who are deaf as the ability to read lips is crucial for accurate communication.

Thankfully, we’ve created clear face masks with clear, transparent sections around the lips to solve this problem. With our clear cloth face mask, you still get all of the protective benefits but you can read someone’s face a little more accurately.

Face Mask Features:

  • Not intended for use as a medical surgical mask
  • Worn on the face and covers the nose and mouth • One size fits most adult men or women

Product Description:

  • Solve Communication Barriers Facial expressions and lip-reading are key for deaf people to understand others, so communicating without risking their health is a top priority for the deaf community that called for an immediate solution.
  • Answer questions based on emotions The transparent section makes the wearer’s lips visible, making lip-reading and making out the speaker’s facial expressions possible.

Technical Specs:

  • Item: Disposable mask
  • Mask Size: Universal Shape: Semi rigid