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ChargeMax Disinfection Charging Cabinet - 60 bays, 5 Level (CT-60BU)

by Cetrix
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  • Portable and Easy moving Device - It has four sturdy wheels with breaks on the front wheel for easy moving and parking. The cabinet material is coated steel for durability and protection from the environment.
  • Durable and Safe - USB charging ports are equipped with their own protection measures and an LED charging indicator. The cabinet is secured with a convenient, sturdy Push-to-Close lock on the front door and triangular lock on the side door, both with keys
  • Safe and High Capacity - ChargeMax comes in different sizes for charging multiple devices allowing charging of the devices without the need for proprietary adapters. The power system has multi-layer safety measures for limiting current, pressure, and protecting against power surge and lightning, electric leakage protection, and earth grounding function.
  • UV light disinfection - UVC lights efficiently kill any bacteria or virus that lives on the outer surfaces of objects. A UV light inside the cabinet helps in disinfecting device shells from germs and bacteria charging sessions.
  • Smart Switch Disinfectant- Has a digital timer you can manually set up with a UV Disinfection System inside the cabinet that removes germs and bacteria from the outer surface of objects placed inside the cabinet. It has a Smart Switch that automatically shuts down the AC power source when the charging of devices is complete.

Product Specifications:

  • Inches: 25.5 (L) * 14.5 (W) * 57 (H)
  • Centimeter: 65 (L) * 37 (W) * 145 (H)
  • Multi-Purpose UVC Disinfection Cabinets
  • Model: CT-60BU - 5 Level / 60 Bays

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