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Why The Best UV Disinfection Is Necessary for Your Classroom

Why The Best UV Disinfection Is Necessary for Your Classroom

Many schools are beginning to work towards a new normal in the classroom in light of the efficacy and widespread distribution of vaccines pointing toward a resolution of the covid-19 pandemic. However, there are many parents and guardians with valid concerns over the health and safety of their children, other students, and teachers, and school staff. Schools must continue to take steps, including wearing masks, practicing social distancing, and sanitizing classroom surfaces and devices with the best UV disinfection tools available. What are the risks if these steps are not put into place? 

Illness Among Students and Teachers 

Of course, the first result of a lack of proper disinfection is an illness spread among students in the classroom. Often, electronic devices in a school are shared among many students and quickly become hot spots for germs and bacteria to collect, leaving all who use them exposed to the risk of sickness. Asymptomatic individuals can use these devices at school with no knowledge that they are contagious and spreading viruses such as Covid-19. If these devices are not sanitized regularly, this opens up the chance for many students to contract the illness. 

Potential Larger Impact Throughout School 

It is no secret that containing the spread of an illness to just one classroom in a school is nearly impossible. With so many shared spaces and interactions between teachers and classes, the disease can quickly spread throughout an entire school building. From the cafeteria to the gym and students gathering between class periods, there are so many opportunities for a wider spread due to the germs picked up from just one infected device. 

Illness Spread to Community 

Once sickness spreads throughout an entire school, students will then expose family members at home. This can be especially dangerous for immunocompromised family members, helpless to the lack of care taken to disinfect laptops and other devices at school. While this has been a heavily discussed subject over the past year, it is essential to understand how quickly the spread of disease can occur throughout just one device that wasn't properly sanitized. 

What Can You Do? 

What action can be taken by the faculty and staff of schools to stop the spread of Covid-19 within their classrooms? A crucial step is to provide the proper equipment for the complete sanitization of devices. Vizocare offers state-of-the-art sanitizing cabinets that will give you the best way to disinfect tablets, laptops, and other devices. 

This Chargemax Disinfecting Charging Cabinet can store and sanitize all of the devices for your classroom in one location while also charging them to be ready for use each day. These cabinets provide the best UV disinfection without the use of harsh chemicals and cleaning solvents. For more information on UV sanitizing cabinets, visit the Vizocare website today! 

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