Transform Your Classroom with VizoCare's UV Sanitizer Cabinet
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👮‍♂️ Celebrating National Police Week - Honoring your dedication with Top-Tier protection - READ OUR BLOG
VizoCare’s UV Sanitizer Cabinet Will Make Your Classroom Better

VizoCare’s UV Sanitizer Cabinet Will Make Your Classroom Better

Savvy administrators know that the purchase of a UV sanitizer cabinet must prevent illnesses and promote overall safety in their schools. When students need their electronic devices like Chromebooks, laptops, and tablets for daily learning, it is vital to keep them not only safe and clean - but charged up as well! 

There are many options for device cleaning and charging on the market today, but Vizocare makes the best UV sanitizer cabinet - which doubles as a charging cabinet! Here are just a few of the many reasons why a Vizocare branded cabinet is the double-solution that brings the most bang for your buck.


Educators care about and devote their lives to their kids, and Vizocare cares about those students too. We create our UV sanitizer cabinets with students in mind, using UVC lights (instead of harsh cleaning chemicals) to promote the cleanest devices and the safest conditions for all ages. With our cabinets, there is no more risk of accidental consumption of or contact with any potentially dangerous detergent or cleaners that may otherwise be present on the surface of devices!

You don’t have to worry about small eyes or hands either when you choose Vizocare. Our UVC sanitizing light will switch off if the cabinet door is opened. This is because the glass on that door was specially designed to filter UVC light and prevent harm to humans outside. This light hurts illness-causing germs and only those germs! Whenever the door is closed, the UVC light will activate, and the cleaning cycle will resume. 

Made for You

A one size fits all approach doesn't apply when it comes to safety and education. We know that each educational customer will have unique needs, and we are more than happy to customize our designs to match them. Since we make our UV sanitizer cabinets ourselves, we can accommodate even the most exact specifications to ensure total satisfaction with your Vizocare cabinet order.

Not sure what customization options might be available for a UV sanitizing cabinet? We can alter the cabinet's physical size to fit your space or change the number of device slots inside. Sometimes we even add features like "synch data," which lets educators synch every device inside the cabinet simultaneously! Vizocare is happy to stray from the status quo with any large order and ensure your investment brings you everything you need and desire.


Take a look around, and you'll notice our very competitive pricing model. Our protective equipment (PPE) and UV sanitizer cabinets are in our hands from start to finish. This means that no middlemen are involved, translating to significant cost avoidance! We pass these savings right onto our customers through huge discounts that competitors cannot match. As a bonus, we offer additional savings on bulk orders – so reach out if you are looking to outfit an entire school or district, and we will get you premium UV sanitizer cabinets at unbelievable prices.

We don’t only make UV sanitizer cabinets! We also manufacture PPE like hand sanitizer, gloves, masks, thermometers, and face shields – all at competitive rates thanks to our unique omnichannel manufacturing approach. Convenience is a given since we let you set up recurring orders and even match competitor prices if you find a more affordable product. 

Want to get started with your order of UV sanitizer cabinets? Explore all of our PPE and UV sanitizer cabinet offerings across our website. You can also contact us to discuss large or custom orders.

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