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The Need for Air Purifiers in Schools

The Need for Air Purifiers in Schools

The Need for Air Purifiers in Schools 

School air filtration is essential, as school children are particularly vulnerable to air pollution. Their breathing rates are higher in relation to their body weight, and their lung development has been shown to be directly affected by exposure to air contamination.  Studies show that good indoor air quality in the classroom increases student's ability to complete tasks that require everything from concentration and calculation to memory. Cost effective air filtration systems are the ideal solution for providing clean air in schools, and Vizocare specializes in providing the right solution for schools – Vizocare provides the optimum solution for each school’s air filtration requirement.

New research suggests that breathing polluted air has a substantial impact on the intelligence of those living in big urban areas, and this has a severe impact on young students. The effects of bad air quality extend further than the physical symptoms commonly associated with pollution and smog, studies find that high levels of pollution lead to significant drops in test scores across subjects such as language and mathematics, with the average impact equivalent to an entire year of education lost. At its worst, poor air quality in schools takes students out of the classroom due to respiratory infections and asthma.

Vizocare understands the importance of air quality in schools, and we provide air purifiers to help the health of students and faculty. An air purifier in a crowded classroom can reduce the spread of colds and flu by filtering out bacteria and viruses. We provide air purifiers reducing dusts and allergy related issues Monitoring and improving indoor air to reduce student absenteeism due to illness can directly improve a student's overall performance and can predict future academic success. Vizocare understands the effects of indoor air purifiers on children with asthma, as well as the effectiveness of air purifiers on health outcomes as a whole, and we provide portable air purifiers to ensure that students are in a healthy environment.

Another step towards improving indoor air quality in schools is to improve overall ventilation. Because schools represent a much denser population percentage than a typical commercial office building, the burden becomes even greater. Particulates brought in on people’s clothing and through open doors and windows – add to that the activity level of most young people which increases the shedding of skin cells and other particulates – makes school air some of the dirtiest air in any environment.

Many school districts across the country are looking for a solution that offers the least amount of classroom disruption while simultaneously providing the highest level of filtration. Vizocare can provide this, as our solutions range in size, sound, efficiency, looks, and more. Check out Air Purifiers page to learn more about air purifiers that keep students safe in school.


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