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Is the Covid-19 vaccine an answer to all the safety concerns post lockdown

Is the Covid-19 vaccine an answer to all the safety concerns post lockdown

Many questions and answers will surge as doubts in people's minds regarding the safety concerns against vaccine protection. The three most prominent questions that are sure to loom are the following.

1) Can someone who has already been vaccinated still be a carrier of the virus

2) How long will the effectiveness of the vaccine stay amidst the evolvement of the virus itself?

3) How long will the vaccine be functional and protect people?

Frequently Asked Questions about the Covid-19 Vaccine

To inform you that answers to all your questions lie in our immune systems. Our immune systems have been ever so adaptive and so unpredictable at times. The immune systems have been changing remarkably, and to predict the behavior that it adapts for a vaccine, in general, can be challenging. Now let's start with the first question stated above and then shift to the other related problems.

1) Can someone who has already been vaccinated still be a carrier of the virus

It is always a race between the immune system and the virus. Pathogens and disease-causing bacteria frequently hit us. We might be getting infected through something that may not make us sick at once, but we still are spreading the virus unknowingly. When we have been given the vaccine shot, antibodies are getting produced to target the virus specifically. But these antibodies produced start fading away with time. When the virus features again, a new batch of antibodies starts building. Ultimately, if the immune system kicks in quickly, the virus spread rate is low and vice versa.

2) Will the vaccine be useful at all for me amidst the evolvement of the virus itself

Here the Memory-B cells will be answering the ever-evolving status of the virus. As the virus continues to change its state, structure, and properties randomly, the Memory-B Cells will show great responsiveness over time. Memory-B Cells are an essential link in immune systems since they remember the infection and morph into antibody-producing cells. The memory-B Cells' inadaptability will, though, be questioned when it comes to keeping a permanent check on the virus's growth and replication rate.

3) How long will the vaccine be functional and protect us all

It all depends on the memory of the immune system. Getting infected with some of the naturally occurring infections can cure you for a lifetime. Vaccine creating antibodies means that they trigger a natural infection that triggers the immune response. In the case of Covid-19 infection, the researchers and studies have stated that the Memory-B cells have actively played their role for many months following a case of COVID-19. Still, it would be a hasty decision making when we talk about the natural degradation of the Memory B-cell protection. Most important of all, you have to take your precautions regularly and necessarily.

4) Are there any long term side effects of the vaccination for Covid-19

The Covid-19 vaccination, according to us, may not have any adverse effects on the body in the long term. Though we cannot deny the fact that in some cases, the vaccination may cause some minor side effects that are a result of the body building protection against the virus. These may include:

a) There will be an agitation in the form of mild pain and some swelling in the arm where the vaccine shot was given

b) The other bodily repercussions may consist of fever, headache, chills, tiredness, etc. But these are short term and may fade away positively with time.

5) Is an already vaccinated person in the house a risk to the other unvaccinated members of the same family

The vaccine does not contain any agent carrying a live virus. So the risk of the vaccinated person giving an infection to the unvaccinated people of the same family is not there. But uncertainties always exist that the vaccinated person may become an asymptomatic carrier since he has already been affected by the virus. It can still replicate in the body. In this case, the infected who is vaccinated may not be showing the symptoms because of the choking of the infection already done due to the vaccination.

6) For how much time do I need to wait to get the Covid-19 vaccine

You will have to abide by the rules and regulations stated by the top-level authorities. When talking of statements issued by the concerned authorities, the CDC has recommended a time lag of 14 days that would be considered when talking about the receipt of the Covid-19 vaccine and a non-Covid-19 vaccine. This period is decided regardless of the order in which they are received.

7) From where I can get the vaccine

Different states have prepared different distribution plans for the vaccine. Based on the no of doses, people infected in a particular area, etc., each state is acting upon its accommodation plan that may perfectly fit the specific people's needs. These distribution plans are under the guidance of the CDC. We would suggest you constantly check your state health department websites to stay updated with the Covid-19 vaccine distribution information.

8) Will lockdowns pose any restrictions on me once I have been vaccinated

The recommended public health measures of safety will still have to be followed strictly by everyone. It is to be understood that the danger of the asymptomatic infection still looms over the head as the person who has had an encounter with the virus might still be able to spread the virus without showing the symptoms.


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