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COVID-19 spikes in the US

Is Covid-19 Still Spiking in the US?

It is that bizarre year where we have witnessed the most tragic and unprecedented circumstance created by the coronavirus outbreak. Such disastrous was the virus's effect that even the superpowers such as the United States had to bow down on their knees. This certainly is due to the unexpected COVID-19 spikes in the US.

The pandemic has adversely impacted the United States in all manners and phases, including financially, socially, and psychologically. Going into the depth of the negativity of the virus's dreadfulness, we see that the present cases are nearly about 10.3 million, out of which 240k deaths have already taken place. Ever since the outbreak, the nation has seen the magnitude of the virus rising dramatically.

No one has been indifferent to the unfortunate COVID-19 spike in the US that explains how drastically the growth in the graph of the cases has seen a record, considering a single day spike.

A very recent report from suggests the unfortunate spike in COVID-19 cases in the US when it says that the nation, as of November 10, recorded 100000 new cases in a single day. This was the first time the nation hit a peak ever since the onset of the COVID-19 in the US in January.

COVID-19 still spiking in the US - A statistical study in detail

With the uncertainty remaining undefined even as we pass by the US Presidential Elections, the number of coronavirus spiking cases in the US remains consistent. While new cases set daily records in terms of the COVID-19 spike in the US, the deaths are steadily climbing with a number above 1000 per day. New records set with the cases rising at a rapid rate, enveloping more than 40 states and territories.

While the Midwest and Mountain West states, including Dakotas, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, Montana, etc, are struggling mightily, Coronavirus cases are seen spiking and covering every inch of the US in a rapid manner. To add to the sorrows is the fact that hospitals are overrun. The number says that three of every four ICU beds are occupied in almost 24 states, reported as of early November.

A previously conducted research also recites a similar story

It was October 30, just ten days back when the US registered 90000 cases in a single day. In regards to the data obtained from John Hopkins University, the US recorded nearly 88521 new coronavirus cases that saw an increase of 9540 from the number of new infections recorded the previous day. This in itself shows how COVID-19 still drastically spikes in the US every day. When we talk of the US cases, and the uncertain surge as COVID-19 spikes there, the statistics mentioned above proved a turning point in the history of the pandemic in the US.

The following statement confirms the data above, "This is the hardest point in this pandemic right now - the next two months. We cannot give up our guard right now " The Hill quoted Scott Gottlieb, the former commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), during an interview on CNBC's "Squawk Box". This statement clearly suggested that it's time that the whole of the US unite as one and fight against the pandemic.

2020 has been the year marked by tragedies for the US

With the US representing nearly one-fifth of the world's known covid cases and deaths, the unfair tackling of COVID-19 cases right from the start has been a significant concern. With President Donald Trump declaring the US outbreak a Public Health Emergency as of January 31, the procedures following to tackle the outbreak were surprisingly slow when talking about the healthcare system, the international travel bans and restrictions, and the testing of the virus, etc.

They have all sown the seeds of what is being reaped. Before it peaked, President Donald Trump downplayed the virus's threat and therefore claimed that the outbreak was under control. On the contrary, the virus showed its mightily devastating impacts by mid-April.

The cases by this time had been confirmed in all the 50 US states. In late March, the administration started to use the Defense Production Act to direct industries to produce medical equipment. By April 17, the federal government approved disaster declarations for all states and territories. Following this were several other steps taken and restrictions imposed by States and Local Responses to the outbreak.

Other impacts of the COVID-19 spikes in the US

The COVID-19 cases spike and the COVID-19 reinfection together have both had long term implications on the US economy as well. This included shutting down major economic sectors that exacted an enormous human toll. The adverse effects of the pandemic have severely hit the economic growth prospects of the United States. With distressing recessions forecasted in 2020, the economic downturn broke the undisputed record-long US economic expansion.

A massive increase in the unemployment rate, a mammoth slump registered in the industrial production, financial markets hit hard and fast, disrupted trade flows and supply chains, substantial impact on migration, etc., were some areas that severely felt the impact of COVID-19.

COVID-19 is likely to be more lethal with approaching winters

In addition to the COVID-19 spikes, the approaching winters could lead to increase in coronavirus transmission. Health experts have already issued a warning about the coronavirus during winter. With the virus proving to be present all year, the pandemic has extended through winter, spring, summer, monsoons and has undoubtedly created havoc with the rapid infection rate.

With the viruses tending to survive longer in colder and drier months, the only way to control the spread is by taking precautions, including face masks, regularly washing or sanitizing your hands, following basic hygiene and social distancing norms. Not to forget that the fight against the Coronavirus surge risks is now a matter of personal safety and immunity. So stay safe, take precautions, and keep building your immunity.
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