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Air Purifiers For Restaurants:  Why Is It A Must

Air Purifiers For Restaurants: Why Is It A Must


Visiting a restaurant doesn’t mean just enjoying some drinks and food. Restaurants are the reasons for some positive memories with colleagues, family, and friends. So, the quality of food and health safety also matters a lot whenever you choose a restaurant to dine in. 

But have you ever imagined air is also the transmission source for dangerous viruses and bacteria? Yes, several bacteria and viruses like COVID-19 transmit through air. So, a restaurant must have clean and purified air where your customers could breathe without thinking about any risk. 
To make the customers feel safer, restaurants are investing in latest technologies. One such technology is to use air purifiers to tackle air quality issues. It is what we’re going to discuss.

In this article, we’ll discuss everything about commercial air purifiers for restaurants. Besides, we’ll also learn how beneficial air purifiers are for safer restaurant environments. 

What is the working strategy for air purification systems?  

The method of purification of the air purifiers is not much different. The first three filters are the traditional methods of air purification. These  filters are Prefilter, activated charcoal filter, and HEPA Filter. These three can easily capture bacteria, viruses, allergens, mold spores, dander, and dust. 

However, the 4th filter is unique.  It is UV-C.  UV-C kills bacteria, but viruses are technically not living organisms; thus, we should say “inactivate viruses.”

The remarkable thing about this unique stage is that the Medical Grade HEPA filters capture the viruses and bacteria present in the air. 

4 Reasons why restaurants must install the air purifiers

Here are four reasons why it’s so important to have air purifiers in restaurants.

  1. Reduce lingering smell and cooking fumes 

Every restaurant has constantly running ovens, grills, and stoves. As a result, there could be some and cooing fumes in the air. These fumes can affect the health of staff and customers who are dining. 
While most restaurants have exhaust systems and HVAC, to  remove the fumes, the  ultrafine floating particles remain. Commercial air purifiers for restaurants can solve this problem. It will remove the ultrafine particles to make the air inside the restaurant breathable. 

2. Neutralize the Bacteria and Viruses present in the air

We all know bacteria and viruses exist in the air. Indoor air is 4-5 times more polluted than outdoors. When we sneeze or cough, small infectious particles are scattered in  the air. These infectious particles can then infect others. 
People sitting in restaurants are at higher risk of such infections. Why it’s so? A restaurant is an enclosed space where people sit very close to each other, talk, and laugh. So, it’s a perfect space where germs can easily pass from one person to the other. 
Now the question is how air purifiers could help restaurants in preventing transmission of pathgens? Air purifiers for restaurants and dining facilities come with HEPA filters that can capture even the smallest particles, including bacteria and viruses, from the air. 

3. Make air dust-free

Usually, dust can create major health issues in people sitting inside a restaurant. What could be sources of dust inside the restaurants? Several sources could take the dust inside the restaurants. For instance, dust could come
  • With people’s shoes who enters the restaurants
  • Through dirty ducts 
Dust enters the human lungs in the form of ultrafine particles, causing allergies and other long and short-term diseases. So, it’s a must for restaurants to remove these irritants from the air. 
That’s why restaurants must consider installing air purifiers with DFS technology. This technology removes all the dust particles from the air, offering healthier and refreshing breath to your customers. 

4. Ensure health safety to staff and customers

Breathing in fresh and clean air is the right of every person. It’s what air purifiers offer to restaurant owners. But it doesn’t mean air purifiers protect from air-borne viruses. They can protect from various harmful pollutants.
According to a CDC report, Americans spend 90% of their time indoors. Surprisingly, indoors have 2-5 times higher concentrations of pollutants than outdoors. That’s why it has become essential for restaurant owners to invest in commercial air purifiers for clean and healthy air.
Besides restaurants, you can also install air purifiers in homes and tight paces to eliminate harmful pollutants. 

Final thoughts

To sum up, it’s your responsibility to provide a safer dinning environment to your customers and staff. That’s why you must install reliable air purifiers in your restaurants. These air purifiers ensure protection from viruses and bacteria. Moreover, they also play an essential role in ensuring the overall health safety of staff and customers. 

So, are you ready now to buy one for your restaurant? You can choose any air purifier. We would recommend you purchase  commercial air purifiers for restaurants.

If you still have any question about which air purifier best suits your restaurant, you can contact us. We’ll love to answer your every query and offer product recommendations according to your restaurant needs.

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