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Rolling casters install on The Cleaning Station to add more mobility, dual-wheel stem-mounted construction, easy pivoting, Includes 1 set of 4 casters (2 locking, 2 non-locking)

Cleaning Station | Casters

As an optional accessory to the Cleaning Station All-In-One Wipe Dispenser, these rolling casters allow you to conveniently move your disinfecting station from room to room without issue.

These casters are constructed out of high-quality, lead-free nylon that ensures smooth movement on all surfaces, from carpet to flooring. The dual-wheel stem-mounted construction allows each caster to pivot and moves freely, which helps you easily position your Cleaning Station exactly where you intend.

The casters add approximately 2.5" to the height of the Cleaning station, and because of this, each Cleaning Station features a 13lb. the blow-molded weight that gives your now-mobile dispenser perfect stability.