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AirPura Whole House - Healthcare Air Purifier

by AirPura
SKU I600-W

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This is an air purifier made specifically for the healthcare facilities and institutions where particulate clean up is critical. TheAirpura I600-W Air Purifier - Whole House has an oversized 100 sq ft of hospital grade HEPA filter compared to the normal 40 sq ft along with a prefilter, so is rated to handle 99.7% of particulate down to 0.3 microns.  If you want to pick up light odor and VOC pick up you can add an optional carbon weave cloth. For antigen and pathogen sterilization you can add the optional 20 Watt UV Cell. It has portable on wheels so easy to move to where you need it. With a powerful 560 CFM motor, you will recycle the air 2 times in a 2000 sq foot by 8 ft ceiling area.  The I600 has polycarbon endcaps on your HEPA filter..


  1. We recommend buying extra prefilters when you purchase the unit and change often to protect the life of your HEPA and help your unit run more efficiently

  2. Carbon Weave filters need to be changed every 4-6 months so you might want purchase extras as well if you select that option



        • True HEPA filter.¬†100 sq ft of Hospital grade HEPA with your Airpura I600-W Air Purifier - Whole House

        • Hi-C Carbon Weave Filter:¬†Optional for lighter odors and VOC filtration.

        • UV Cell:¬† Optional 20 Watt cell for sterilization

        • Cleanable pre-filter.¬†Simply vacuum through the mesh or change as necessary

        • Pressure seal¬†on the filter chamber ensures all the impurities pass through the filters and deliver a real 99.97% filtration.

        • Felt gaskets¬†seal the filter chamber. Maximize filtration with no rubber off-gassing found with other makes

        • All metal housing¬†ensures no plastic vapors are emitted

        • Variable speed motor¬†lets you choose your ideal level of filtration

        • No motor contact with air flow.¬†Most air purifiers blow the clean air over the motor and pick up impurities

        • Warranty: 5 years on parts, 10 years on labor

        • On casters to easily move around


        • Particle removal
          • 100 sq ft X 3 inch deep HEPA¬†(99.97% to 0.3 microns)
          • 10 pleats per inch, Pleats warm rolled with separators
        • Odor and chemical Suppression:¬†306 sq'' HI-C carbon weave (Optional)
        • Air Flow 560 cfm:¬†More cfm than any¬†other home unit available
        • UV Cell:¬†Optional 20 Watt
        • Pre-filter¬†570 sq in x 1in
        • Housing:¬†Powder-coated steel for chemical sensitives
        • Unit Size:¬†23" in x 15" in
        • Operating Weight:¬†35lbs total
        • Voltage Options:¬†110V Standard or 220V option
        • Watts: 120 on high¬† 40 on low
        • Sound Level
          • 28.1 db on low (at 6 feet)
          • 62.3 db on high¬†(at 6 feet)
        • ETL Certified:¬†Conforms to¬†CSA C22.2 no 113¬†ANSI / UL 507


        • Prefilter:

          • Replace every 12 months in normal usage

          • HEPA Filter

            • Change every¬†4-5 years (More often for extra protection)

            • Hi-C Carbon Weaves

              • Change every 4-6 months under normal usage if this option is purchased

            • UV Lamp (with UV upgrade)

              • Change every 13,000-17,000 hours (about 18-24 months of use)¬† ¬†

              WHAT’S IN THE BOX

              • 1 Airpura I600-W Air Purifier - Whole House

              • 1 Owner‚Äôs Manual

              • 1 of each¬†initial¬†Filter