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WEGO 3ml/cc Syringe with Needle - 100 Pc (SY-3)


Note: Minimum Order - 100 Box

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Single Use Syringe with Needle (3cc)

WEGO Disposable Syringe are available with or without a needle. They are made from polypropylene material and are Rubber Latex Free. They are EO Sterile.
WEGO Disposable Syringe is CE, FDA and ISO certified. It is available in different capacities as per requirement. They have a shell life of 3-5 years. WEGO group is a leading medical device manufacturer. WEGO Disposable Syringe is available in 1 mL/cc and 3 mL/cc capacity. They are Ethylene Oxide sterilized for addition safely. 


  • Reduced drug waste
  • Increase of 2-19% additional vaccine doses per vial if current 10-dose flu vaccine vials are used.
  • It is made of Polypropylene and is Rubber latex-free
  • Syringe Specification: 3ml
  • Needle Specification: 23G-27G, 0.62-1.49 inches
  • FDA Product Code: FMF
  • FDA Device Class: 2
  • FDA Registration No: 3007084575
  • FDA Premarket Submission No.: K072654
  1. Transparent barrel design makes it easy to observe liquid level and bubble
  2. International standard designed 6:100 nozzle 
  3. Good sealing, no leakage
  4. Sterile, pyrogen free 
  5. Perfect adhesive force of printing ink, no falling off
  6. Unique puncture resistant design, after self-destructive, needle can be pulled back to the barrel which can protect nurses and parents

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