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Valeo Vehicle Air Purifier with install kit ASSEMBLED IN USA

by Valeo

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Valeo UV Air Purifier for Bus

Valeo has developed the world's most powerful air sterilization system for bus and coach cabins. Upon activation, the system eliminates, in a single airflow cycle, more than 95% of viruses, including Covid-19, as well as any bacteria or mold present in the air circulating in the cabin.

Irrespective of the source of infection, whether inside or outside the vehicle, the Valeo-designed modules are effective throughout the vehicle's journey with passengers onboard.

German Engineered High Quality Designed

  • This product was designed and tested in Germany.
  • The UV-C Lamps are shatterproof.
  • Does not produce ozone: Tested by 2 independent universities.
  • Assembled in the USA.


  • Scientifically tested UV-technology, real tests with COVID-19 virus
  • Shaker tested shock resistance technology
  • Use of special very thick quartz glass tubes and reliable lamp fixation to prevent glass breaking
  • Teflon coating of the lamp to prevent splinters or liquids from entering the bus interior, e.g. in the event of an accident
  • Specific arranged stray light destroyers (Scattered light labyrinth) inside the box, prevents UV stray light to leave the box, no light leaks
  • No ozone (irritant gas for humans and animals)
  • Diagnosis, flashing code for malfunction, failure or early detection of the lamp


  • Using high performance UV-C lamps emitting a wavelength of 254nm, as this is where the highest germicidal effect is achieved
  • Exposure time and intensity, blow-through speed and geometry are carefully coordinated to ensure that the air stream emerging from the box is virtually virus-free”
  • High inactivation rate of more than 95% of viruses - including Covid-19 virus - in a single airflow cycle
  • The devices are continuously working during operation while passengers are on board
  • Cleaning from floating viruses and additionally from other potentially harmful microbes, molds and spores

Installation and maintenance

  • Flexibly applicable to OE and aftermarket
  • Easy “plug and play” installation (in-cabin solution)
  • Modular - autonomous operating - disinfection boxes (in-cabin)
  • Reliable long-life operation of UV-C lamps (up to 12,000 hrs.)
  • Maintenance-free, no consumables, e.g. no filter change necessary


  • UV purifier box incorporates low-noise axial fans
  • No impact on comfort and efficiency of an existing HVAC unit
  • Autonomous operation, no pre-conditioned vehicle required


"Box dimensions L x W x H*: 33.46 x 13.78 x 4.33 in.
(850 x 350 x 110 mm)"
Total fan capacity (free-blowing): approx. 200 m³ per hour each box
UV-C lamps - Electrical performance: 64 W
Optical performance (W): 26 W
Current consumption 24V (A): 3.8 A
Weight (kg): 20 lbs. (118. Kg)
Virus inactivation rate in one airflow cycle: > 95%

* Ceiling mounting for a 12m standard bus: 2 devices per bus, mounted in front of the recirculation filter cassette


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