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  • Product SKU: 150GT
  • The Ovo comes is the size of a 4” x 5” ostrich egg, but much more practical
  • With a patent-pending heating system, you get impressive steam volume
  • A hard ceramic coating sole-plate for smooth gliding, less resistance and long life
  • With its handy kickstand, it can be placed upright to keep it at rest
  • With its heat-resistant carrying and press pad, you can carry and use almost anywhere
  • Soft-touch side grip helps keeps it steady while in use
  • Adding water is easy - turn it upside down and pop open the lid to add water
  • 3.7-oz. Water reservoir
  • The Ovo's power indicator light will stop flashing when it's ready
  • Steam and heat are ready in just 60 seconds
  • Removable nap and lint brush and water beaker included
  • Reliable 150GT OVO Portable Steam Iron & Garment Steamer

Product Description

Reliable OVO Steam Iron & Garment Steamer

Meet the mini multitasker. It’s an iron. It’s a steamer. It’s both! But don’t be fooled by its charm. This portable powerhouse travels light and takes out wrinkles without taking up space. Whether you’re on-the-go or at home, the Ovo 150GT gets your wardrobe ready without the worry of spitting or leaking. 

This product is made to order. Please allow a couple of extra days for processing.

Reliable Corporation, Reliable OVO 150GT Portable Steam Iron & Garment Steamer, Sold as Each

Product Specifications

  • Electrical: 120V
  • Water capacity: 3.7 fluid ounces - 110 ml
  • Wattage: 1180W
  • Continuous steam with pump: Yes
  • Power consumption: 10 amps