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  • Product SKU: SJN668006
  • Allows you to attack nests at a more comfortable distance
  • Kills wasps & hornets from 22 feet away, killing the entire nest 
  • Kills in seconds, even larvae & pupae
  • Effective on hornets, mud daubers, wasps, yellow jackets
  • Residual action defeast wasps & hornets bold enough to return to the nest
  • Electrically non-conducting up to 32500 volts
  • No CFCs
  • 14 oz Aerosol
  • 12 Cans per carton
  • Raid 668006 Wasp & Hornet Killer 33
  • Genuine SC Johnson Raid®

Product Description

Wasp and Hornet Killer, Spray

Raid® Wasp & Hornet Killer 33 allows you to attack from a distance, killing the entire nest. It kills wasps and hornets in seconds, even the larvae and pupae in nests. Is electrically non-conducting up to 32,500 volts. Its residual action kills wasps and hornets bold enough to return to the nest. Kills hornets, Mud Daubers, wasps, yellow jackets. For outdoor use only. Read label before use. Use only as directed. Packing Type: Aerosol; Capacity (Volume) 14 oz.

SC Johnson, Raid Wasp & Hornet Killer 33, 14 oz Aerosol, 12 Cans per Carton

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Product Specifications

  • Global Product Type: Insecticides-Insect Killer
  • Application: Outdoor use only
  • Pest Type: Hornets, Mud Daubers, Wasps, Yellow Jackets
  • Packing Type: Aerosol
  • Capacity (Volume): 14 oz
  • Package Quantity: 12 Cans
  • Environmental Hazards: This product is highly toxic to bees exposed to direct treatment on blooming crops or weeds. Do not apply this product or allow it to drift to blooming crops or weeds while bees are actively visiting the area.