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Amaircare Portable 2500, 3 speed w/filter change timer

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The Amaircare 2500 purifier is a high-quality HEPA air purification unit that includes:

  • Amaircare signature 3-stage filtration.
  • 3-speed electronic keypad.
  • Made in Canada & covered by a 5-year limited warranty.

Perfect Size

Locates discreetly in the corner of a room or on a side table and is portably versatile: easily relocated from room to room. 

Interior Filter

The 3 Stage filtration is contained and protected within durable perforated steel with a subtle and cleanly finished aesthetic.

Signature 3-Stage Filtration

Captures large particulate and VOCs with the first stage carbon prefilter, harmful and irritating particulate with the second stage HEPA filter, and chemical/gas pollution with the third stage carbon VOC filter blanket.

High-Efficiency AC Backward Curved Motor

High-performance airflow at a low running cost, minimal drain on electricity resources with years of continuous performance.

3-Speed Electronic Keypad Control

Air filtering speed changes from Silent to Medium to High with the touch of a button. Operation speed illuminated by LED.

3-Stage Filter Monitor

Keeps track of the filter life so you don’t have to! Individual monitors for each active stage of filtration. LED lights remind you when it’s time to change filters.

LED Dimming & Auto-Off

Operation speed LED dims for subtle functionality, filter monitor LEDs darken to prevent distracting glare.

Steel Construction, Thermoset Powder Finish

Durable, long-lasting housing that doesn’t off-gas chemicals, true to the integrity of providing clean air.

Optional VOC Filter Upgrade

Canister radically increases the capacity for capturing chemical and gas pollution.


What’s In The Box?

  • 1 – Amaircare 2500 Portable HEPA Air Filtration System
  • 1 – Amaircare 2500 Owner’s Manual


Filter Life

  • Prefilter – 4 months
  • HEPA Filter – 3-5 years
  • Inner Carbon Blanket – 6 months
  • Optional VOC Canister – 12 months 


Filter Configuration

  • Cylindrical Perfect Seal 3-Stage Cartridge (13″ Diameter x 8” Height)
  • Stage One: ¼” non-woven polyester filter media imbued 100% with Activated Carbon
  • (25 g = 27,500 m2 adsorption surface area)
  • Stage Two: 50 sq. ft Pleated Easy Twist HEPA Cartridge
  • Stage Three: ½” non-woven polyester filter media imbued 200% with Activated Carbon
  • (76.5 g = 84,150 m2 adsorption surface area)
  • Optional Stage Three Canister: Granulated Carbon pellets encased in steel mesh canister
  • (750 g = 825,000 m2 adsorption surface area)