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Medispo Bio-Nitrile Biodegradable Exam Gloves, Case of 1000 pcs. (MG-M2BiLB)

by Medispo

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These innovative gloves offer all the protection and durability of a standard disposable glove but are vastly better for the environment. Our polymerized formulation means our gloves — designed with a 3-year shelf life — are the fastest biodegrading glove ever produced, up to 85 times faster than conventional nitrile gloves.

When bacteria consume the Bio-Nitrile material, they excrete an enzyme that dissolves and de- polymerizes the polymer chain, allowing the microbes to naturally break down the remaining polymer.

The gloves do not biodegrade prior to disposal. The biodegradation process only begins when the gloves are surrounded by microbes present in a landfill environment. Real-time shelf-life study results prove that the physical property of the gloves remains unchanged up to 3 years.

Nitrile Glove Features:

  • Stronger than latex with better protection against skin rashes and biodegradable
  • A responsible solution for proper glove disposal - protecting our earth while protecting our hands
  • Free from powder and latex allergens
  • Quality level is same as medical grade
  • Fingertip textured for better grip

Product Description:

  • Material: Nitrile
  • Color: Light Violet Blue
  • Type: Biodegradable Nitrile Gloves, Latex Free, Powder-Free Ambidextrous
  • Outer Surface: Fingertip Textured
  • Packaging: 100 pcs per box / 10 boxes per case

Technical Specs:

  • Item: 510K Biodegradable Nitrile Glove
  • ASTM D5526: 30% biodegradation in 202 days
  • ASTM D5511: 85% biodegradation in 331 days
  • Size: S, M, L, XL
  • Length: Minimum 230 mm / 9 in
  • Thickness: 3.0 mil
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Note: Prices are for a case of 10 boxes of 100 Ea.