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LA1400 Media Air Filter

This filter replaces the media filter for the LakeAir LA-1400 media air purifier . It has a MERV 11 rating and is disposable, extended surface area, thick with cotton-polyester blend media, cardboard frame. This filter is suitable for commercial and residential buildings. This filter will help remove dust, lint mold spores and more… Use part # 499043 for reference. This filter should be inspected regularly and replaced at least once a year. Foe extra protection from mold, bacteria and viruses this filter can be treated with Mold Magnet without shortening the life of the filter. This filter is also available from one of our great resellers.

Dirty air filters allow dirt to build up inside the unit

Dirty filters lead to dirty components within the HVAC system. This causes problems such as dirty cooling coils, which leads to freezing on the evaporator coils. Frozen coils block airflow, reducing the system’s ability to maintain indoor climate control. The system will work harder, but with little positive effect and your energy bill will rise. If this continues, the system will fail and require replacement.