Lakeair LAFC-RC2-Electrostatic air purifier MADE IN USA ‚ÄĒ VizoCare
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Lakeair LAFC-RC2-Electrostatic air purifier MADE IN USA

by LakeAir
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The LAFC-RC2-S is an electrostatic smoke eater that offers quiet operation and a high volume of smoke removal. The variable speed controller allows you to adjust air purification and sound level to fit your establishment needs. 400 CFM and silent on low / 1500 CFM and 60 dB(A) on turbo. This model also controls the odors from smoking.

LAFC-RC2-S Electrostatic Smoke Eater provides 1500 CFM of air purification for your business. The variable speed control offers the quietest operation ever seen in a Smoke Eater.

High Volume Smoke Removal and Odor Control at a Low Price

The LAFC-RC2-S is a new product offering from LakeAir. The RC2 models use dual reverse curved blowers from the famous German fan manufacturer Zeil-Abegg  These blowers offer quiet operation with a lot of air movement. The electrostatic filter is made of high-quality materials. You can expect 20+ years of service from these filters. We use small tolerances and lower voltage to provide superior air filtration with LOW ozone emissions. At a starting price of $2495.00, the LAFC-RC2-S is a mid-priced commercial smoke eater with high-end performance.

How It Works

How LakeAir Air purifiers work

The powerful dual E Cube blowers pull dirty air up through the MERV 2 Prefilter. This filter removes large debris and allows longer periods between cleaning of the main filter. The dirty air enters the ionizing section of the electrostatic cell where the dirt and smoke particles receive an electrical charge. The charged particles are then pulled through the narrowly placed collecting plates. The electrically charged particles crash into the collecting plates and are trapped there. Particle free air then passes through the activated carbon filter. The billions of pores in the carbon bed attract odorous gases and VOCs and hold them there. The now clean air is gently tumbled in the room below.

Low Draft Design

One of the biggest complaints about ceiling-mounted air purifiers is the drafts that are caused. We have designed the LAFC-RC2 units to tumble the air out of the unit. Two sets of louvers on the exhaust end of the LAFC allow you to exercise even greater control of the airflow from it. Most commercial units blow the cleaned air straight down on the occupants below. A cold draft from above makes for a less than ideal experience in most cases. 

External or Onboard Speed Control

The variable speed control allows you to adjust the LAFC-RC2 to the exact amount of air purification and sound level desired. Customers tell us that on low and medium they don’t even hear the smoke eater running. Turbo mode creates a sound level of 56 dB(A), which is much lower than most commercial units. Customers love the higher level of smoke removal.

The variable speed control can be mounted in the unit or be located in a wall switch. The wiring is easy but requires a 5 conductor cable. This cable is available from LakeAir. The unit uses a simple 115-volt line and neutral along with 3 low voltage wires for speed control. We include complete wiring instructions and are available for any question you might have at 800-558-9436.   

Mounting Options

Drop-In Ceiling Grid

The most popular way to mount any LAFC unit is to install it into a 2 x 4 ceiling grid. The LAFC is nearly invisible when mounted this way. The grid mount also reduces the noise level of the unit.

LAFC Mount in a 2 x 4 ceiling

Ceiling Hung

Another popular option is to hang the LAFC from chains or cables. This works well in rooms with tin or high ceilings. The sides of LAFC can be boxed in easy to create a  beautiful addition to your space.

Flush to Ceiling Mount

We recently introduced flush mount kits # 300333 & 300019. These mounts allow you to mount your LAFC directly to any ceiling. 

LAFC Mounting Bracket


Capacity: 400-1500 CFM
Unit Size: 47.35 x 23.75 x 11
Unit Weight: 100 LBS
Power: 120V, AC/60HZ 3 amp
Sound Level: 35-56 dB(A) @ 15′
Particle Removal: 97% efficeint  to 0.1 micron 
Carbon: granular activated carbon filters
Mount: Drop Ceiling / Chain /Flush
Warranty: 7-year Limited
Carbon Filter Life: 3-6 months


The LAFC electrostatic air purifier provides clean air at a low cost of maintenance.  It removes 97% of particulate to .1 microns. The LAFC electrostatic cell is a free-flowing electronic air filter with zero backpressure. This cell design allows more air change cycles than any other technology available. The free flow design provides high volume air movement with minimal noise. The LAFC requires only 11 inches of space for mounting in a drop ceiling. This product fits easily into many room designs.  The centrifugal blower allows two distinct cleaning modes.

An aluminum pre-filter protects the cell from large debris. This filter (part# 490128) is washable. It can be reused for up to 2 years. Please replace it after this. An activated carbon filter (part# 499072) comes standard with the air cleaner. The activated carbon filter removes odors and VOCs from room air. For even more odor removal and VOC control, you can use the L-Super Carbon (part# 499039). This filter contains 30 times more activated carbon.

The LAFC intake panel is hinged to allow easy access for cleaning and maintenance.  The dual louvered clean air delivery panel allows for variable yet smooth airflow. The LAFC electrostatic air purifier is sold by many of our selling partners.

Electrostatic Air Purifier Stats

LakeAir’s Electrostatic air purifier cell has over 5,000 sq. inches of the cell collection area. This provides superior air filtration and contaminant collection.  LakeAir cells are made of high-quality non-corrosive materials. The cells are designed to hold up to many cleanings. Our electrostatic cells are built to last. Many cells have been in service for 20 years with perfect functionality. Our cell design uses smaller tolerances and lower voltage to decrease ozone emissions. Common electrostatic precipitators use 5k to 20k volts. LakeAir systems use voltage on the low end of this scale to limit ozone which is a byproduct of the cleaning process. LakeAir electrostatic air purifier systems showed 0.048 ppm of ozone in the latest test. The state of California standard requires .050 ppm ozone or less.

LakeAir electronic air cleaners attract and retain airborne pollutants like a powerful magnet. As dirty air is brought to the LakeAir electronic air cleaner, the larger particles are trapped by a pre-filter screen. Smaller particles pass through to the collecting section of the electronic cell where they are given an electrical charge. The ‚Äúcharged‚ÄĚ particles then continue through to the collecting section of the cell where they are attracted to a series of grounded plates. The pollutants are held in this section until washed away during the cleaning process.

Air Purification illustration

How electrostatic air purifiers work

  • capacity 300-500 cfm
  • unit size¬†47.75 x¬†23.75 x 11‚Ä≥
  • unit weight¬†86 lb.
  • sound level 43-49 dB(A) @ 15‚Ä≤
  • particle removal: 97% of airborne particles as small as .01 micron
  • Power 120v, AC/60Hz/5 amps -or-¬†230v, AC/50/60 Hz/2.5 amps
  • shipping weight 95 lbs.
  • activated carbon after filter
  • washable permanent electronic filter cell
  • 7 Year Limited Warranty