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Lakeair LA2000-OC Odor Control Air Purifier MADE IN USA

by LakeAir

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LA2000 Odor Control

The LA2000-oc is the best air purifier for odors. It uses a 10lb Activated Carbon filter to remove odors from a room up to 40’ x 40’ The LA2000-OC also removes 97% of air borne pollution to .1 microns. This unit is available in black and white. It is made in the USA

LA2000-OC Odor Control

The LA2000-OC features a 5300 square inches of electrostatic filter and a 10 pound activated carbon filter. The OC stands for odor control. These two elements team up to provide superior air filtration. It removes 97% of all indoor air pollution with particles as small as .1 microns. The activated carbon filter removes odors from the air.

LA2000-OC filter system

The Science behind the Product.

4 filters stages stack up to provide clean fresh air for your business. First we use a MERV 2 pre-filter to remove large particles from the air. This filter is washable and can last up to two years. A particle ionizer adds a charge to particles in the air stream. Aluminum plates trap the charged particles. The clean air moves through the carbon filter where odors are absorbed. 

Electronic Air Cleaner Illustration for home air purifiers

How Carbon works to remove odors

The activated carbon filter in the LakeAir LA2000-OC  removes many unwanted smells and VOCs from the air. Activated carbon is a sorbent . It actually absorbs the harmful gasses.  Each granule of carbon has a large surface area. This allows fumes to be absorbed. Activated carbon provides a huge amount of filtration. We use a blend high grade carbons to provide superior odor control. You need replace the carbon filter after it has absorbed all the odor it can. You cannot wash a carbon filter  and reuse it.

Carbon Structure

LA2000-OC Specifications

  • Volume                  1200 CFM
  • Area                        40 x 40 room
  • Efficiency               97% to .1 micron
  • Filtration                Electrostatic Precipitator
  • Odor Control         High Grade Activated Carbon
  • Weight                 83 pounds
  • Current                 115 V / 6.7 amp | 230 V / 2.4 amp
  • Mount                   Ceiling Hung / Wall / Cart
  • Sound                    55 / 65 db(A)
  • Size                         21.5″ x 20.5″ x 19″

Replacement Carbon Filter

  • Part Number           499025
  • Weight                      10.3 pounds
  • Price                          $240.00 (free shipping)
LA2000-OC exploded view

Convert Your Existing LA2000-S

You can easily convert your existing LA2000-S. Simply remove the  right electrostatic cell (part# 101215). Disconnect the high voltage wire from the right side cell contact block. Tape the connector with electricians tape to avoid arcing. Insert the Ultra Carbon filter (499025) .