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Lakeair LAFC-RC2-HEPA air purifier MADE IN USA

by LakeAir

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The LAFC-RC2-H provides up to 1000 CFM of HEPA air purification for any location. It cleans the air of all impurities including COVID size particles.

1000 CFM HEPA Air Purifier

The LAFC-RC2-H is a new product offering from LakeAir. The RC2 models use dual reverse curved blowers from the famous German fan manufacturer Zeil-Abegg  The new design significantly increases the amount of clean air available in the LAFC platform. A 1000 CFM HEPA air purifier with a starting at $2295.00 is a low price offering. This unit will provide 6 air changes to a 3750 square foot area. It will protect

How It Works

Illustration of how the LAFC-RC2 Works
The powerful dual E Cube blowers pull dirty air up through the MERV 2 Prefilter. This filter removes large debris and allows longer periods between cleaning of the main filter. The dirty air enters the True HEPA filter where the viruses, mold, bacteria, dust, and all other particle are removed. Particle free air then passes through the activated carbon filter. The billions of pores in the carbon bed attract odorous gases and VOCs and hold them there. The now clean air is gently tumbled in the room below.

Effectiveness on Airborne particles

HEPA filters are actively tested for filtration down to 0.3 Microns. This does not mean they cannot trap smaller particles. In fact, they are found to do a better job on even smaller.  In 2016 NASA did a study on submicron particles (less than 1 micron in size). They found that HEPA filters removed near 100% of nanoparticulate matter. The graph to the right is from page 7 of the study and shows a high capture rate of particles that include those the size COVID-19 virus. A further affirmation of HEPA Filtrations value can be sited in ASHRAE Position Paper from April 14, 2020. Here ASHRAE calls for Portable and local HEPA filtration in all medical and non-medical buildings.
Chart Showing results from a NASA Study on HEPA Filters

Results from NASA study on HEPA efficiency and nano particles

While we have made the case for HEPA capturing COVID Size Particles, It needs to be noted that HEPA air purification is an excellent filtration system for many other airborne particles. Smoke, dust, pollen, fine metals, and mold are just some of the pollutants removed from the air by HEPA air filters. This 1000 CFM HEPA air purifier will protect any environment from a host of indoor air pollutants.

Low Draft Design

One of the biggest complaints about ceiling-mounted air purifiers is the drafts that are caused. We have designed the LAFC-RC2 units to tumble the air out of the unit. Two sets of louvers on the exhaust end of the LAFC allow you to exercise even greater control of the airflow from it. Most commercial units blow the cleaned air straight down on the occupants below. A cold draft from above makes for a less than ideal experience in most cases. 

Mounting Options for the LAFC-RC2-H 1000 CFM HEPA Air Purifier

LAFC Mount in a 2 x 4 ceiling

Drop-In Ceiling Grid

The most common way to mount any LAFC unit is to install it into a 2 x 4  drop ceiling grid. The LAFC is nearly invisible when mounted this way. The grid mount also reduces the noise level of the unit. The LAFC needs only 11: of head-room.

Ceiling Hung

Another popular option is to hang the LAFC from chains or cables. This works well in rooms with tin or high ceilings. The sides of LAFC can be boxed in easy to create a  beautiful addition to your space. The LAFC has (4) 1/4-20 inserts for simple eyebolt insertion.
LAFC Mounting Bracket

Flush to Ceiling Mount

We recently introduced flush mount kits # 300333 & 300019. These mounts allow you to mount your LAFC directly to any ceiling. They mount to the unit inserts and provide a 24″ on the center mounting bracket.


Capacity: 400-1000 CFM
Unit Size: 47.35 x 23.75 x 11
Unit Weight: 95 LBS
Power: 120V, AC/60HZ 3 amp
Sound Level: 35-56 dB(A) @ 15′
Particle Removal: 99.97% efficient  to 0.3 micron 
Carbon: granular activated carbon filters
Mount: Drop Ceiling / Chain /Flush
Warranty: 7-year Limited
Carbon Filter Life: 3-6 months