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Lakeair LAFC HEPA-UVC air purifier MADE IN USA

by LakeAir

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The LAFC-HUV combines HEPA and UVGI (ultraviolet germicidal irradiation) to provide the cleanest air possible, indoor air pollution and viruses

LAFC HEPA with UVGI Filtration

In response to the consumer’s need for protection from viral threats and general indoor air pollution LakeAir has developed several products with UVC filtration. The LAFC-HUV is a great solution to today’s new air filtration needs. The TRUE HEPA filter removes the tiniest airborne particles, even viruses from the air stream.  The UVGI chamber delivers a deadly dose to microbial life resulting in ultra-clean air.

LAFC-HUV Ability to filter out COVID Sized Particles

In the past, it had been believed that HEPA filter protection stopped at 0.3 microns. However recent studies have shown that HEPA filters actually do a better job trapping nan0-particles under the size of .1 microns.

In 2016 NASA conducted a study on the removal of submicron and nanoparticulate by HEPA rated filters.  The study states ” HEPA filters are nearly 100% efficient at capturing the spectrum of particles down to the very smallest airborne particles”. The study looked at the effectiveness on airborne particles as small as 0.01 microns. A graph from the study presented below graphically shows the study’s results.

Chart Showing results from a NASA Study on HEPA Filters

These types of study findings are likely the reason that ASHRAE has urged the use of portable and local HEPA air purification like the LAFC HEPA with UVGI Filtration in all medical facilities. The protection offered by this affordable technology can be used in both medical and no medical building.  Schools and offices would greatly benefit from this technology as well.

UVGI / UVC Filtration

UVGI (ultraviolet germicidal irradiation) filtration is the exposure of the airstream to UVC radiation. UVC light waves occur naturally in nature. These light rays from the sun are blocked by our planet’s atmosphere.  It can be reproduced with electrical lamps and LEDs. UVC light needs to be treated carefully because exposure to it can damage your skin and eyes.  Our UVGI products are thoroughly tested for UVC leakage.  

For UVGI filtration to be effective, there must be a sufficient dose of UVC radiation in the UVGI chamber. LakeAir products use high output UVC bulbs a ballasts. The LAFC-HUV delivers a killing dose of over 1000µJ/cm² ( 1000 micro-joules per square centimeter) to any virus that passes through it. This amount of UVGI will ensure that any microbial that may escape HEPA filtration will be disabled before it is returned to the area being filtered.

UVGI Cell for the LAFC-HUV
Interior of LAFC-HUV

Required Maintenance and Filter Life

The LAFC-HUV has 4 separate filter elements. The prefilter (490128) is washable and will last up to 2 years. In most cases, the HEPA filter (499081) will last one year and should be replaced annually. In some cases where the air is extra dirty like smoking areas, the HEPA filter will need to be replaced more frequently. The carbon filter removes odors and VOCs from the air. It should be replaced as needed, normally every 6 months. The UVGI filter has 2 UVC bulbs, these are inexpensive and we suggest you replace them every 9 months. They have a 9000-hour life, but they do lose some of their ability to produce UVC rays as they near the end of their life cycle.

Quiet Effective Local HEPA / UVGI Filtration

The LAFC HEPA with UVGI filtration can convert any space into a safe haven from biological and indoor air pollution threats.  This unit produces 48 dB(A) of sound. It will not interrupt normal conversations, making it perfect for classrooms, doctor’s offices, or any location where a quiet safe environment is required. The ASHRAE guidelines for air filtration are fulfilled with the installation of the LAFC-HUV.

Product Specifications

Capacity: 300-500 CFM
Unit Size: 47.75 x 23.75 x 11″
Unit Weight: 95 Lbs.
Power: 120 VAC 60 HZ 3.35 amp, 230 VAC 60 HZ 1.675 amp
Sound Level: 42-49 dB(A) @15 ‘
UVGI: 30 watt / 1000 µJ/cm²
HEPA: 99.97% to 0.3 micron
Carbon: 2 activated carbon filters
Mount: Hung /Ceiling / Drop Grid
Warranty: 7 Year limited
Bulb Life: 9000 hours / 1 Year
HEPA-Life: 6 months – 1 year
Carbon Life: 3-6 months

Mounting Options

LAFC models can be mounted in 3 ways. They are designed to mount easily into a 2-foot by 4-foot ceiling grid. At a weight of 95 pounds, the units should be supported by the same structure that supports the drop ceiling. This unit can also be hung by chains or cable and mounted directly to the ceiling with our optional ceiling mount brackets.

LAFC Mounting Options