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ISO-Aire- RSF1000 Commercial Air Purifier (up to 1,000 CFM)


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ISO-Aire clean air technology is the ideal solution for healthcare, education, commercial, and other facilities to protect employees, patients, and customers from the air contamination and infectious airborne pathogens. The medical-grade filtration system has the capacity to accommodate rooms and spaces of all sizes and configurations. ISO-Aire provides clean air to indoor spaces in a high-performance, quiet and quick to install the unit with an unmatched level of protection.

Medical-grade grade design with 3 levels of protection

  • 99.99% HEPA and optional ozone-free bipolar ionization and/or UVC sterilization provides industry-leading protection
  • Recommended ASHRAE and CDC mitigation strategy
  • Up to 1,000 CFM
  • Quality, long-life components

Quiet operation

  • Variable-speed ECM fan
  • Low-noise produces only 37-58 dBA
  • Sound attenuated

Easy and safe

  • Variety of control options
  • simple maintenance
  • Rapid deployment

Quick to install
  • Quick production lead time
  • 110 voltage with grounded plug
  • Color options available

Specification and Technical Data


  • 26” W x 26” D x 76” H (with or without UVC)

If ordering outlet discharge instead of the grille, deduct 10" from H dimension


  • Approx. 250 lbs. (without UVC)
  • Approx. 260 lbs. (with UVC)

Enclosure Material:

  • 22 gauge embossed steel or stainless steel
  • Rolling casters

Medical-Grade Filtration:

  • HEPA 99.99% (24" x 24" x 11.5")
  • MERV-8 pre-filter (20" x 24" x 2")
  • Optional ozone-free bipolar ionization
  • Optional UVC sterilization

High-Powered Fan:

  • Full load amps – 5.9
  • Volt/Ph/Hz – 110/1/60
  • Up to 1,000 CFM
  • 1.5" W.G. total static pressure

Standard Controls: Simple monitoring of the filter pressures. Local running lights and ECM fan motor speed control.

Control Option R1: Control uses differential pressure across filters to automatically adjust the fan speed to maintain the desired airflow.

Control Option R2: Upgraded network type controller to allow for system visibility to the facilities Building Automation System (BAS) via IP address. The IP address is selectable/changeable by the owner to add to their network. Simple graphics and analog values of filter pressure. Some installation is required.

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