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GermAwayUV Premier 35 Watt Handheld UVC Surface Sterilizer

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Premier Surface Disinfection & Decontamination Unit - Handheld GermAwayUV Device

  • EPA Product Registration Number:¬†94850-DV-6
  • EPA Establishment Number for our production facility:¬†94850-FL

Don't be fooled by the compact size of this, the smallest, of CureUV’s industrial surface sanitizers. Equipped with a powerful 35 Watt UV-C lamp, emitting a wavelength of 254nm, this unit is both effective and efficient in decontaminating surfaces from viruses, molds, and bacteria.

Although primarily designed for business and industrial use, do not let this put you off if you are looking for a unit to use in a domestic setting, as we have many satisfied customers who have purchased these units for their homes.

The device offers a quick and easy way of sanitizing surfaces - all you have to do is, plug it in, turn it on, and slowly pass the unit over the surface to be sanitized. In addition to the UV-C emitting bulb, this handheld sanitizer is also fitted with a highly polished reflector, uniquely designed by CureUV, to enhance the efficiency, accuracy, and output of the UV-C emission by up to 30%.

The versatile and convenient design means that it can be used to decontaminate worktop surfaces, walls, and tools in a range of industries.

We are sure that, wherever you are, with this unit you’ll be able to create and foster a clean and safe environment!

Why should I buy this device?

- Portable and small enough for smaller surfaces -

With a molded, sturdy handle and a 6-foot cord for mobility, this device are small enough to be easily handled and maneuvered. It can be used to sanitize many spaces like the inside of lockers, ambulances, desk drawers, and cupboards.

- Effective against a range of harmful and troublesome microorganisms and bacteria -

- Mold remediation -

The powerful UV-C emission and reflection are especially effective against mold, treating and killing mold spores quickly.

- Shatterproof coated bulb -

This coating adds a layer of protection against broken glass. This is particularly necessary for people working in food preparation/production or to protect children and the elderly.

- Bulb lasts up to 10,000 hours -

Run time longer than a year, cutting down on the number of bulb changes. When the time does come to replace the bulb, CureUV has a range of affordable replacement bulbs readily available. The bulb also has a low mercury content and produces no ozone, making it environmentally friendly.

This device is suitable for a wide range of applications

Commercial, Industrial, Office, and Residential¬†buildings¬†¬†| Food preparation/processing sites to reduce contamination | Sanitize surfaces in hospitals, clinics, vets | Sanitize areas for people with vulnerable immune systems ‚Äď daycare, schools, assisted living centers, locker rooms, and gyms | Equipment disinfection | Agricultural crops
How do I know it is actually working?!
Our customers often ask us how they know that the Premier 35 Watt Handheld UV-C Sanitizer is actually working. It is a pretty reasonable question to ask. After all, the disinfection that UV-C provides is happening at a microscopic level. This is why we have started including a set of free UV-C Visualizer Strips along with all GermAwayUV Surface Disinfection products. Simply put the UV-C Visualizer card on the surface that you wish to disinfect and run the handheld sanitizer over it. After running the handheld unit over it, the yellow stripe on the card should change from a bright yellow to light green. If there is no color change then you need to either slow down the rate at which you move the handheld sanitizer or get closer to the substrate.


  • UV Disinfection Area:¬†See Dosage Calculator Below
  • Power Supply:¬†120VAC/60Hz
  • Usage:¬†Industrial, medical, commercial, leisure, and domestic
  • Wattage:¬†35W
  • Lamp Length:¬†8.86"¬†
  • Lamp Lifespan:¬†Up to 10,000 hours or 1 year
  • Peak UV Output:¬†253.7nm
  • Weight:¬†4 lbs
  • Dimensions:¬†10.75" x 4.11" x 3.32"

UVC Output (measured on EIT UV Power Puck II)

  • @1" from the face of unit outputs 20 MW/cm2
  • @5"¬†from the¬†face of unit¬†outputs¬†3 MW/cm2
  • @10"¬†from the¬†face of unit¬†outputs¬†1 MW/cm2


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