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GermAway UV Premier Xtreme Handheld UVC Surface Sterilizer

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The Xtreme Handheld Surface Disinfection System

  • EPA Product Registration Number: 94850-DV-7
  • EPA Establishment Number for our production facility: 94850-FL

Our GermAwayUV Xtreme 55 Watt Handheld UVC Surface Sanitizer is the most powerful UV-C handheld device available. This unit destroys 99.9% of harmful bacteria, viruses, mold spores, yeasts, fungi, C. diff, and odors. It’s so powerful that typical molds are effectively treated in half of the time.

Just like our mountable UV-C Sanitizers, this unit is designed for disinfecting large coverage areas in production facilities. Ideally, you would use multiple units of the mountable sanitizers, set up as part of an automated process of disinfection. But what happens when you need to disinfect a component outside of that process? Well, this handheld sanitizer offers a great alternative solution with the same powerful effect.

We’re especially proud that this unit is made right here in the USA, and with these features and benefits listed below, we’re confident that it will add value to your business however you choose to use it!

Portable and Powerful

Easy-grip handle makes it is easy to maneuver and hold
Can be held close to surfaces for strong sanitation or held longer at a further distance to reach hard to get surface e.g. gaps between cupboards


    At 7lbs it’s easy for anyone to pick up and use

    Bulb Life of up to 10,000 hours

    No need for frequent lamp replacement.

    Shatter-Proof Bulb Coating Available

    In the case of a broken bulb, the glass shards will remain trapped in the coating, making it suitable for use in the food processing industry

    Chemical Free UV-C light application that produces zero ozone

    Electronically Brightened Reflectors for increased UV-C output and efficiency

    Device Specification:

    Length: 23.4 " 
    Width: 4" 
    Height: 7" / 3.25"  without the handle
    Weight: 7 lbs
    Lamp Length: 21.06" 
    Wattage: 55 W
    Power Supply: 120V/60Hz
    Cord Length: 6.5 feet

    Suitable for use in

    Restaurants | Schools, Day Care Centers, Locker Rooms | Gym surfaces | Hospitals & Clinics (to sanitize air and environmental surfaces) | Homes

    How do I know it is actually working?!

    Our customers often ask us how they know that the Xtreme 55 Watt Handheld UV-C Sanitizer is actually working. It is a pretty reasonable question to ask. After all, the disinfection that UV-C provides is happening at a microscopic level. This is why we have started including a set of free UV-C Visualizer Strips along with all GermAwayUV Surface Disinfection products. Simply place the UV-C Visualizer card on the surface that you wish to disinfect and run the handheld sanitizer over it. After running the handheld unit over it, the yellow stripe on the card should change from a bright yellow to light green. If there is no color change then you need to either slow down the rate at which you move the handheld sanitizer or get closer to the substrate.
    Warning: Ultraviolet UV-C light is harmful to your eyes and skin. Use proper safety gear.

    All GermAwayUV products carry a 1-year warranty.


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