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Institute a shopping cart sanitation system where used/dirty carts are separated from sanitized carts with these a-frame signs. Direct customers to clean carts upon arrival and dirty cart staging upon exit to prevent the spread of COVID-19.


  • Primary message:  Dirty Carts
  • Secondary message:  Please return shopping carts here. DO NOT TAKE CARTS FROM THIS AREA
  • Additional message: Thank you for shopping with us
  • Symbol: Sanitized Carts
  • Min service temperature: -40°F
  • Max service temperature: 180°F
  • Dimensions: 37.25"x24.375"
  • Operation temperature: -40°F to 180°F
  • Storage temperature: Store at room temperature
  • Service temperature range: -40°F to 180°F
  • Film thickness: Sign insert 4mm