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Oral Thermometer Instant Accurate Reading

  • Optimized algorithm allows you to take the most accurate fever measurements in just 20 seconds.
  • Battery-powered system indicates a low voltage prompt
  • waterproof tip allows you to clean the thermometer in an easy and hygienic way
  • Safer than mercury glass thermometers that measure in the mouth or under the arm.

Product Specifications:

  • Accurate to 0.1 °F
  • Professional Grade
  • Beep alert after measurement
  • Specifications
    • Product Weight: 0.5 Oz (including battery)
    • Measuring Range: 90 - 109°F
    • Lower than 86.6 °F shows L
    • Higher than 109.2°F shows H
    • Detector: Thermistor
    • Operating Environment: Temp 41°F to 131°F
    • Humidity <= 80% RH
    • Power: DC 3.0V Lithium Battery

Q & A

  1. How many minutes does the device take for temperature readings?
    •  Answer: It will read your body temperature in just 20 seconds.