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COVID-19 Quarantine in Progress Sign


Alert staff and visitors of Quarantine status with this Quarantine in Progress sign. Available in multiple sizes and materials. Free shipping on all signs.


  • SymbolSafety_Alert_Symbol_B

  • Outdoor life5 years

  • Shelf life2 years

  • Storage temperature70°F (21°C)

  • Storage humidity50% Relative Humidity

  • Dimensions20" x 14"

  • Dimensions20x14

  • Thickness60 mil

  • Min service temperature-20°F (-29°C)

  • Max service temperature140°F (60°C)

  • Operation temperature-20°F to 140°F (-28°C to 60°C)

  • Service temperature range-20°F to 140°F (-28°C to 60°C)