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Made in the USA

Removes most common bacteria and germs with Dr. J's Natural Alcohol Wipes.

Help yourself and staff during cold and flu season by stocking up on Dr. J's Natural Alcohol Wipes. The textured surface of each hypoallergenic wipe is designed to easily remove dirt from your hands. These wipes are gentle and contain Aloe Vera to soothe and protect the skin. Each tub of Dr. J's Natural Alcohol Wipes contains 160 towelettes that are accessible through a convenient pop-up spout.

  • For extra protection or when soap and water are not available, use these instant sanitizing wipes to keep your employees and customers safe and reduce the risk of a disease outbreak in your business
  • Fragrance- and dye-free to cause less irritation, even to people with sensitive skin
  • Unique canister design provides the freedom of one-hand dispensing
  • Sanitizing wipes contain aloe vera to promote moisturization of skin and help minimize the drying effect of alcohol
  • Stop the spread of communicable diseases like cold and flu with instant sanitizing wipes, which are an ideal hand hygiene solution for staff, visitors, patients, or residents who cannot get out of bed to clean their hands, are also perfect for use by restaurants, supermarkets, grocery stores, schools, airplanes/airports, cruise ships, convenience stores, hospitality, and temporary foodservice
  • Removes most common of pathogenic germs with a 75% concentration of ethanol, contains moisturizing, healing natural aloe vera to soften and smooth the hands
  • 160 wipes per pack
  • Wipes are white non-woven cloth saturated with an ethyl alcohol solution for the antimicrobial cleansing of hands
  • Mechanical friction created by using wipe is proven to remove bacteria and soil