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CO2 Meter Air Quality Detector

    Detector includes: 

    • CO2
    • Temperature
    • Humidity
    • CO2 Alarm function
    • PM2.5/1.0/10

    Common Screen display
    CO2 Technology: infrared (NDIR)
    Temperature and Humidity sensor   
    Temperature unit between Celsius and Fahrenheit Switch
    LCD screen display, 24 hours real-time monitoring
    Detection Range: CO2 ( 400-5000 ppm)
    Power supply: rechargeable Li-battery 2000mah including USB Charging cable
    Material: ABS
    Product Size:3.54*3.54*1.96 inches
    Included: Main Unit, manual, charging cable
    CO2 Sensing module: HEIMANN sensor from Germany
    Chip: Arterytelc