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Cleanse® Retrofit Troffer, LSH CLEANSE 4000 MVOLT SK

SKU LSHClense4000MVoltSK

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  • Cleanse® Retrofit Troffer utilizes a combination of air filtration with UV (A+C) light to sanitize air, inactivate pathogens, and decrease contamination while providing comfortable healthy light to illuminate the work space.
  • Easily retrofit any existing standard 2 ft x 4 ft luminaire in as little as 15 minutes to an air sanitizing LED luminaire with the Cleanse Retrofit Troffer without breaching the plenum keeping facility disruptions and installation cost at a minimum.
  • Ultra efficient multi-stage air sanitization process that utilizes easy to replace HEPA/charcoal filter and UV LED (A+C) module. Recommended to replaced filter every 6 month and UV LED module every 24 months.*
  • Achieves 99.9% removal rate among four common airborne pathogens responsible for most hospital acquired infections.
  • UV LED have four times the life expectancy (24-month) without the safety concerns of hazardous material exposure or waste disposal in comparison to traditional mercury-based bulbs.
  • Features Healthe’s patented True Circadian spectrum technology with GoodDay (4000K) suitable for daytime intensive environments.
  • Recessed Housing Kit (ACC-07010) can be purchased separately for installation due to incompatibility with existing troffer housing or in new construction settings.



  • Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) GoodDay® 4000K
  • Lumen Output 3200 lm (Max.)
  • Color Rendering Index 90 GoodDay 4000K
  • Dimming Ability 5%–100% via proprietary Bluettoth
  • Light Distribution Lambertian, 120° Beam Angle


  • Air Filtration HEPA/Charcoal Filter with 99.97% Removal at 0.3micron
  • Air Sanitization UV LED (A+C) Activated PhotoCatalytic Purification Process
  • Air Flow Rate 50 CFM (Max.)


  • Power Consumption
    • 60 Watts @ Illumination Mode + Air Cleaning Normal Mode
    • 36 Watts @ Illumination Mode only (100% light output)
    • 24 Watts @ Air Cleaning Normal Mode Only
  • Input Voltage 120-277 VAC; 50/60Hz
  • Input AC Current (Max.) 0.95- 0.4Aac


  • Controls 2 Options: Standard Wall Switch or Wireless Control Devices


  • DIMENSIONS 24 in (W) X 48 in (L) X 2.875 in (H)
  • Weight 34 lbs.
  • COLOR White-Standard


  • WARRANTY 5 Year Limited Warranty; Filter and UV LED module are consumable parts

* Specifications subject to change without notice.

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