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Cetrix PureMax MC-Y-400

by Cetrix

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Cetrix PureMax MC-Y-400 HEPA+UVC Air Purifier


PureMax's revolutionary design allows air to be exposed to UVC light maximally. The vertical chamber design decreases the airflow speed and increases disinfection time, making the disinfection ability 3 times more effective. Third-party testing has proven that PureMaxUV-C air sterilizer could effectively eradicate bacteria and viruses.

HEPA and UV-C light technology have been a trusted technology for air purification from hospitals to airports for decades. Recent UVC breakthroughs in manufacturing have made it possible for high-quality UVC bulbs to enter the consumer market. PureMax's 2-Stage air purification rethinks the fundamentals by focusing on maximum UVC exposure time rather than just collecting pollution and maximizing air volume.

HEPA and UVC Filter

PureMax UVC air purifier can DISINFECT and DESTROY the widest range of pollutants, such as viruses and chemicals. UVC has a 99.9% sanitizer rate against a variety of bacterial viruses.


PureMax has a Built-in high-efficiency thermal cathode UVC dual light tube

UVC at 257.3nm is the inactivation of almost all known bacteria and diseases in humans. UVC uses the appropriate wavelength of ultraviolet light to destroy DNA or RNA's molecular structure in microbial body cells, resulting in growth cell death and/or regenerative cell death, resulting in sterilization and disinfection. PureMax uses 254nm UVC high-efficiency short-wave UV light technology, highly permeable quartz light tubes.

Before & After Treatment

Product Specifications:

Model: MC-Y-400
Recommend Area: 300-500 sq ft
Net size: 7.87"(L)×7.87"(W)×16.93"(H)
Color: White
Net weight: 5.95 lb
Input power: AC100-240V / 50~60Hz
Noise: 38-65 dB
Open method: Physical press
Power: 38W

Technical Specifications:

Air bacterial sanitization rate: 99.9%(Staphylococcus albus)@20 cu meter
Air virus sanitizer rate: >99.9%(H1N1)@1060 cu ft
UVC leakage: <1 μw/cm2/sec@machine body 2
Ozone release: 0.009mg/m3@2 hour
UVC Light Type: High-efficiency hot cathode quartz UV-C light source
UVC light wavelength: 253.7nm
UVC Light power: 24W
UVC Average radiation dose: 20000μw/cm2/scn@ Disinfection chamber
Motor type: 24V Brushless three-phase silent motor (sport PWM Speed regulation)
Impeller type: Vortex negative pressure impeller
Input power: Support wide voltage input AC 100-240V 50~60Hz
Shell Material: V0 flame retardant ABS plastic particles
Socket power type: 2 plugs (European/American Standard)


Europe: CE-LVD / CE-EMC / RoHs


Size: 11.8"(L)×11.8"(W)×19.7"(H)
Filler: EPE
Carton box: Sales packaging(5 wall corrugated fiberboard) +Transport packaging(3-wall corrugated fiberboard)
Pallet: 24 sets/pallet(47"(L)×40"(W)×47"(H))



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